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Saturday, June 15, 2013

In Memory of my Dad Fathers day 2013

The first true love any girl has is that of her dad

The first true love any girl has, is her father

I know this is true as I loved my dad,  he was my hero
Standing about 6 foot 4 with that white wavy hair that shined like a diamond
He was a giant of a man in my eyes

He was a wonderful provider for his wife and nine children, not a one of us
every went without , we always had shelter  clothes, food, a stable home life that
was centered around God and family.

As I look back on the few short years I was allowed to have
my dad, he taught me so much ,values that stick with me today ,37 years later
Be honest , always work for what you get, be helpful to others, give to others
Speak to everyone, as everyone has feelings treat them the way you would want to be

A few memories

There is never a day that I don't think about my dad, I am reminded of him
when I mow and weed eat , He would think I was a lazy mowed and weeder
as he used a push mower and his knife down on his knees trimming the weeds

I think about his love for keeping everything neat and clean, he cleaned his car
every day , he wouldn't be happy with me if he saw my car he would say "you have the dirtiest car I have ever saw and with a car like that I wouldn't want to go look at the inside of your house"
I can remember him saying if you see a dirty car you can count on their house looking the same
I don't think that applies to everyone but he sure did.

He would tell everyone when introducing me I was his "baby" and I would say later Daddy  just say I was the youngest don't say I am the baby  his reply would always be "you will always be my baby even when you are 40"

He was a avid hunter,  I had so wanted to go squirrel hunting with him he wouldn't take me
but I keep begging until one day he said ok , so off we go he parks the truck  and we get out and start up the mountain I may have been 8 or 10.  I was just so excited to be going I picked up a walking stick
to climb the hills with , we get way up in the hill and he says to me sit down right here ,
while sitting there ~~I can see him now standing to  the right of me up a few feet from where I am sitting
 as I sit  I decided to just break that stick I was carrying , CRACK .... the stick went , my dad turned to me and says lets
go I said I thought we were going squirrel hunting he didn't say anything  I keep on and on but I
wanted to squirrel hunt finally when we get back in the truck I ask again but dad why  did we come out of the woods, he then replies " when you cracked that stick back there the squirrel ran off you have to be quiet in the woods " I don't remember him telling me to be quite  but that is something
I never was good at ~~being quite~~ Needless to say I never got to go hunting with him  again.

So today Dad I am over 40 but glad to be your baby .......................................

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  1. Blessed with dear memories...Dads are truly a little girls first love and no one will ever compare.