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First let me say that I am a born again christian and try to follow what JESUS would have me do ..I fail him daily, yet he picks me up and says try again my child !!!! knowing that he is closer to me than the air I breathe !that I am just dust designed by my Redeemer!! Remember when reading my blogs they are not wrote correct but from the heart ! I need lessons in writing correctly and making these interesting. I grew up in a small town and everyone knowing my family to come to a state with my husband that I knew almost no one I will say after 23 years its still hard ...I love to go back to KY as its where most of my family are I come from a large family of 9 me being the 9th ... Some of my interest are Genealogy , Landscaping, photography , love watching HGTV and now learning to Blog Again keep in mind all my posts are from the heart.. I love to laugh love being around good old friends and family I want enjoy each day as each day is a gift from the Master Creator !! my motto is I remain 29 forever !!!!! :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Multitude on Monday Week 94 Feb 20-26 2012


              Giving Thanks to GOD this week for ..........

5260    Monday ~~For this day !!!
5261    That the roads were clear thankful for safe travels
5262    That we had some laughs while building snowmen at work today

5263    Tuesday ~~For this day !!!
5264    That I have this day off
5265    For the warmer sunny day and the snow is melting
5266    That I cleaned and cooked today =I am blessed with food and a house to clean
5267    That I love getting in bed with clean sheets and the smell of them

5268    Wednesday ~~For this day !!!
5269    Warm sunny day!!
5270     For the yellow crocus I see bloomed out even Thur this past few days snow they still looked beautiful
5271    For our beautiful Ash Wednesday service

5272    Thursday ~~For this day !!
5273    For sunshine and warm in the 70's today
5274    For our ladies bible study
5275    Praying for  and with my sisters in ladies bible study

5276    Friday ~~For this day !!!
5277    For my husband bringing me coffee and cherry pie (I didn't tell him I had give up sweets for lent so I gave them to my co worker) what a sweet husband I have he cares so much
5278     That We have met our goals with days to spare = we are blessed
5279     For Insurance that I got =I PRAISE GOD for this and am Thankful for this Insurance

5280    Saturday ~~For this day !!!
5281    A beautiful day to be off work and enjoy being out shopping with my husband
5282    Safe travels today
5283    A great deal on a basket GOD had it there just for me ...Thank you Lord for you blessings on me

5284    Sunday ~~For this day !!!
5285    For the warm sunny day
5286    Thankful to be out raking leaves and pulling weeds

Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh Blogland how I have missed you

I am just now getting to sit down
to post my
thankfulness that should
have been down on Monday
I love Multitude Mondays
it has changed me
it has blessed me beyond
measure to read each ones
This week has been a busy
we have had all seasons
in this week
starting Sunday
5 to 6 inches of snow
to wind and rain
to yesterday 72
which is not at all normal
for us here
I am glad to get to post now
thankful for the time to sit 
trying to read as many post
as possible

Thanks to all that blog
I sure enjoy them
they are so enjoyable
I feel like I know each one of

May you enjoy this day !!

Multidues on Mondays Week 93 Feb 13-19 2012


              Giving Thanks to GOD this week for ..........

5230    Monday ~~For this day !!!
5231     For studying in my devotional and bible study
5232     For the many laughs we shared as we dipped strawberries  its the little things that have
big blessings ....thankful that we could share with others ..
5233    That my husband couldn't wait to give me my valentines day card, candy and a rose
his words were to me I didn't get you a real rose I wanted you to have one that will  never die
his sweet card ......

5233    Tuesday ~~For this day !!!
5234    Thankful that we didn't get the snow and Ice
5235    Thankful for getting off early getting our dinner to bring home
5236    Thankful for Hot baths and razors
5237    Thankful that my husband liked is little things I got him
5238    Thankful for the verse that says love is patient , love is kind and for my saviours love for me each day

5239    Wednesday ~~For this day !!!
5240    For LC bringing lunch today
5241    That my sister in law called ....as I know this was a hard day for her and a hard week
5242    That GOD will provide the right health Ins for me ................
5243    Thankful that I am cooking us lunch now for tomorrow that I am blessed to have
food to share ....................
5244     Thankful for the HOLY SPIRIT ..........................recalling feeling like I was being brushed by angel wings one Sunday night at church

5245   Thursday ~~For this day !!!
5246    Thankful for our bible study and that my sister came tonight

5247   Friday ~~For this day !!!
5248    For the laughs over LC telling me to tell my sister to run water
5249    For A visit from a friend
5250    For Love ..................love of my heavenly father
5251    Thankful that Kenneth got the job answered prayers
5252    Thankful that Mikie is going good and they got all his cancer thank you LORD

5253    Saturday ~~For this day !!
5254    For The Holy Spirit study week  .....
5255    That I know the Holy Spirit lives in me

5256    Sunday ~~For this day !!
5257    For fixing the meals needed today before I had to go to work
5258    For safe travels to work in the snow
5259    For my employer letting me come home due to the bad weather ...
5260    For a day to just be lazy now that I am home

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

Today I went to get my husband a card
they were so picked over
I couldn't find one that
said what I wanted to say
so me being me
uses a plain sheet of white paper
to tell my valentine
what is so true
it started like this
I looked for you a card that
said just the right things
no way could I find one
that says the way my heart feels
as I continue to write
I think of so many things
that my Valentine is to me
he is the one GOD has blessed me with
the one that brings my coffee to my bedside
each morning with a hug and kiss
He is the one that calls just to say hello during my work day
He is the one who holds my hand
the one whose shoulder
I have cried on
The one who will sit and wait on me to shop
the one that is my best friend

I thank GOD for allowing me
to have this Valentine

Multitudes on Mondays week 92 Feb 6-12-2012


              Giving Thanks to GOD this week for ..........

5199    Monday ~~For this day !!
5200    For the mixture of clouds and sunshine on this day
5201    For our new employee
5203    For laughs of Lollipops that Brookster tried to eat !!
5204    For the sweet face of my dog tonight and his unconditional love for me

5205    Tuesday ~~For this day !!
5206    Thankful that I was off to take my sister to the dr , also for our safety in travels today
5207    Thankful for the dinner my sister fixed for us

5208     Wednesday ~~For this day !!!
5209      I am thankful for the cold, cloudy as I must thank GOD for the cold and clouds as well as the sun and warmth ...thank you LORD
5210      For my husband bringing laughs to work today
5211      For my husband agreeing to have his picture made for our church directory

5212     Thursday ~~For this day !!!
5213     For our ladies bible study class the wonderful duscission
5214     For my husbands love for me  ....................................

5215    Friday ~~For this day !!!
5216    Thankful that I was able to cancel the insurance that I was quoted ...Thankful that GOD has a plan that is perfect for me
5217     Thankful that we got some snow tonight and that I am off work tomorrow
5218     Thankful that my sister in law got her retirement 
5219     Thankful that Beth's husband is doing ok ...praying for a speedy recovery

5220      Saturday ~~For this day !!!
5221      For the beautiful snow that was clinging to the tress this morning
5222      That I have the day off to cook, clean, and do laundry which means I am blessed and thankful for our food, our clothes, and a house to clean = thankful and blessed
5223     That I found the right size boxes that I need to ship some items
5224     Thankful for warmth on this cold day
5225     Thankful that I know Buggs is in heaven and has been for a year today and that I got to read the bible to him just before he left for heaven such a wonderful CHRISTian brother he was and my hearts breaks today as it has which each day

5226     Sunday ~~For this day !!!
5227      For a lazy day and two naps .....
5228      For warm fuzzy throws that feel so good
5229      For my dog that warms the foot of the bed ...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Snowing tonight ???

IF it is snowing in your area
tell me where and how much
snow you have
Right now we only have the grass
covered and it started here around
5 30 pm
So how is your weather tonight
I would like to hear from many of you

@30 degrees
at this time

Monday, February 6, 2012

My good friend Betsy

My good old friend Betsy, she sure has been a really good
friend to me she takes me to work each morning , brings me
back home , on other trips she has taken me in the cold snow
and the warm sun to the beach we have been  Betsy has been there for me each
time I needed her.
Betsy is my Ford Taurus and I have had her for some years
now I will be trying to find a replacement for Betsy I sure
hope I can get one as good as she has been.
I will start my journey for a new Betsy this week hoping
I find a car I like at a good price that is great on gas
that will treat me as good as old Betsy as she has become
part of my family.
I will enjoy my old friend Betsy until I find a replacement
its gotta be red as that is mine and Betsy color with tan or gray
interior ..

Betsy you have been my besty
off to look at some new cars this week

Multitudes on Mondays Week 91 Jan 30-Feb 5 2012


              Giving Thanks to GOD this week for ..........

5173    Monday ~~For this day !!!
5174    For the beauty of this day the beautiful sunshine that I so love thank you LORD

5175    Tuesday ~~For this day !!!
5176    Thankful for our little champion who came into our life nine years ago today
he is our spoiled little baby dog ....thank you GOD for champie
5177    Thankful for sweet little girls b and g who bought champie some gifts
5178    Thankful for getting off early and to clean house and cook a meal for us
5179    Thankful that I KNOW GOD will not let lc and me down that he will show us the way
to go and he blessed us with quota and we will get it ....thank you LORD

5180    Wednesday ~~For this day !!!
5181     For the rain GOD knows what we need I must be thankful in the sunshine and the rain
5182     For the answer that we did reach quota .......Thank you LORD !!!!
5183     For Carolyn having some samples to let CW use .....
5184     For the words of the light is on and the door is open  on the phone  when I opened the door I was greeted with a hug and kiss from CW
5185     For CW wanting to know about my day ....and how it was

5186    Thursday ~~For this day !!!
5187     The beautiful day GOD has given us sunny, not as cold as last year !!
5187     For our ladies bible study and for all the Ladies that attend

5188     Friday ~~For this day !!
5189     For my devotional and studying in my bible study
5190     Praying for a lady in our bible study for a need she has in our study this week = thankful for prayer
5191     For my shipment of sheets that came in

5192     Saturday~~For this day!!
5193     Lisa and I laughing over  our time or my time ....
5194     That I got to leave work at 11 to come home to do laundry and cook supper which is a rare that I get home in time to cook =thankful my husband is satisfied with soup and sandwich on many many day
5195    For Grapes and Orange sherbet

5196    Sunday ~~For this day !!!
5197    For our worship hour and for communion
5198    For my husband starting supper while I was at work

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Loving the simple life

I want to start a linky blog on Tuesday's I will call it loving the simple life.
I would like for many to join to tell each one how you  are loving
your simple life from week to week how the smallest of small
things can bless us .

I have found that its the little things that helps us from
day to day

by joining with me we can brighten others
days with words, pictures, etc

Being blessed and loving the simple life

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wonderful Sunday

I woke to the sun shinning
Thur the door into our living room
what a  beautiful
day to wake up early
to the wonderful
As I sit and drank my
wake me up coffee
I must say
I am so thankful
for this sunny day
GOD has blessed
us with a wonderful
sunny day
in my neck of the woods
I am just not a winter person
so this gal
loves each sunny day
and the warmer the better
I say thank you LORD for you
Blessings on me !!

The boonie hat

I am starting a new fad
here in my neck of the woods
it started one morning
a few weeks ago
it was raining and my umbrella
was out in the car
I got in the closet and saw a hat
 that my  husband wears in the rain
so I grab it
put it on
off to work I go
my coworker has sure
enjoyed the laughs
many others that have saw me
the past few weeks have laughed also
just today I walk into walmart
was asked Glenna what kind
of hat is that
its my boonie hat I tell them

my husband bought me my very own boonie hat
I wore it today 
what a lovely hat it is .....
cameo and all
maybe not the prettiest hat
it does keep my head from getting wet
lets others get a laugh
 and just maybe
it will make someone smile
that had no reason until
they saw this funny old woman
wearing a cameo boonie hat
It may be the next hot item who knows

Have a boonie hat kind of day
make others smile !!