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First let me say that I am a born again christian and try to follow what JESUS would have me do ..I fail him daily, yet he picks me up and says try again my child !!!! knowing that he is closer to me than the air I breathe !that I am just dust designed by my Redeemer!! Remember when reading my blogs they are not wrote correct but from the heart ! I need lessons in writing correctly and making these interesting. I grew up in a small town and everyone knowing my family to come to a state with my husband that I knew almost no one I will say after 23 years its still hard ...I love to go back to KY as its where most of my family are I come from a large family of 9 me being the 9th ... Some of my interest are Genealogy , Landscaping, photography , love watching HGTV and now learning to Blog Again keep in mind all my posts are from the heart.. I love to laugh love being around good old friends and family I want enjoy each day as each day is a gift from the Master Creator !! my motto is I remain 29 forever !!!!! :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Master Artist Oct 29-2012

We had no sunshine at all today
while talking on the phone to my sister
she says
"the sun is shinning in the tops of the trees"
I said
"there hasn't been any sun today"
I go out side to see
just as she said the Sun
shining brightly in the top
of the trees

Just look below
at the Master Artist
and the bright beautiful sun
along with the colors of the
from our loving God


Psalms 96: 11-13

11 Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad;

let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof.

12 Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein:

then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice

13 before the LORD: for he cometh,

for he cometh to judge the earth:

he shall judge the world with righteousness,

and the people with his truth.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Simple Life = Joy!!

The Simple Life

A life of no frills
Thats me now

I have found through the years
that as a young person
you seek to be like the
next young person
wanting this , that or whatever
the next one has ...
Yes, that was me in younger days
I know my parents dreaded to hear my next want
my dad even said he wished he would have named me
go , want, come and get me

Years later
I have joined the simple life 
not trying to keep up with 
" The Jone's"
as the saying goes  

I now find
I love the no frills ,
don't have to worry about
all the newest and latest
items out
I know enjoy
A fire in the fire pit
a hot dog on the grill
Porch sitting
Visiting the park
watching in the quietness
early morning walks
listening to the Birds give Praise to GOD
driving around looking at all the beauty
that surrounds me
Yelp that's me
now wearing a t shirt that is older than dirt
shoes that have green paint from
summer deck furniture painting
younger years I would only wear Ainger , Nine West, or Bass shoes was in my day
 now old comfy pants
not the name brand

Finding joy in the simple things !!!

May you too have a joy filled day

Multitude on Monday week 129 Oct 22-28-2012


               Giving Thanks to GOD this week for .... trying to count the
               Endless Blessings from  GOD ...............................

6113   Monday ~~For this day !! Waking up from a good nights rest,
another week to start fresh !!
6114    For the Psalms that David wrote ...Psalms 91 one of my Favorites

6115    Tuesday ~~For this day !!! a sleepy morning ~~Thankful to GOD
for allowing me this day to lay in bed and snooze a little longer also to  see the beauty of the sun, the blue sky
6116    To see Dorinda walk in the door ..PRAISE GOD for answered prayers !!!
for them bringing me masks...if you know me then you would know why they
brought me a box ...   :>)  smile.....
6117       Lisa bringing us Chicken Salad and Egg Salad for lunch on her day off
Lisa is truly  One of the most thoughtful people

6118    Wednesday ~~For this day !!! Thankful that God gave me this morning ,
Knowing when others say NO~~~GOD says YES!!!! that he will take care of his
children and their needs .....................For trusting the one that knows the way
though all our problems and disappointments.......
6119    Getting off work Early , sitting out in the 80 degree sunshine on the deck getting some
nature vit D. grilling steaks, also making supper for tomorrow night Chicken Casserole  thank you LORD that I am clothed, feed, have shelter, all my needs met for this day and days past ....
6220    Trimming some trees in our yard, and watching this sweet little girl sit in our lady dog Dora couch ....her cheerful , running, playing in the yard !!!

6220    Thursday ~~For this day !!! Thankful for the wake up from the Master, for the hug and kiss each morning from my husband
6221    Taking some fall pictures this morning

                                               the above picture reminded me of our journey...
                                               Sunshine, Fog, and curves and hills ........

6222    Thankful that my sisters in Christ can come together to study the bible.  thankful for our Thursday night meeting for Praise, Prayer discussion of the weeks study also for Beth Moores studies

6223   Friday ~~~For this day !!  for that morning hug and kiss from my blue eyed husband who loves me ...................................on most days :>)
6224   For measuring cups to get the exact amount of cereal
6225   For a fax, text and voice mail to help us at work ...praying for a good day
6226   My devotional time
6227   Chuck and I sitting out on the porch tonight in the warm gentle breeze listening to neighborhood
children play , their laughter fills the air

6228   Saturday ~~For this day !!
6229   Having a job, having a wonderful co worker who is a fabulous cook, and that I can share my thoughts with and will get a Christian answer ~~How Blessed I am !!!!

6230   Sunday ~~For this day !!! a good nights rest and shelter from the rain and cold
6231   Church Service, also the kids all saints day parade so cute
6232   Talking with my sisters in Christ and the laughter we shared , wrinkles and all !!!
6233   Matthew coming by work today to visit .

Thank you Lord for this week of blessings more blessings than I could ever post !!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Multidues on Mondays week 128 Oct 15-21 2012


               Giving Thanks to GOD this week for .... trying to count the
               Endless Blessings from  GOD ...............................

6095   Monday ~~For this day !!!
6096   For sunshine as I travel to Knoxville to have a stress and echo test
6097   Staying on the treadmill for the time needed to get my heart rate up
Thankful for prayer warriors praying for me and Thank GOD for the calm
peaceful feeling ....
6098   Tamsey going with me for the test
6099   Cracker Barrel Grilled Chicken and green beans

6100   Tuesday ~~For this day !!! for waking up early and getting to have
coffee this morning my husband bringing it to me as I lay in bed
6102   Thankful for doing some bible study on my lunch break

6103    Wednesday ~~For this day !!! waking up refreshed , thankful to GOD for
another morning
6104      For knowing GOD is in control and all things will work out
just right ..............just what I need he will supply

6105   Thursday ~~For this day !!! a great nights rest , to wake to the smell of my husbands aftershave as he step to my side of the bed with my morning coffee
6106    Getting refreshments for bible study tonight ...

6107    Friday ~~For this day !!! having this day off
6108     Safety in traveling to lunch with my husband and do some shopping

6109    Saturday ~~For this day!!!
6110    Knowing that GOD will supply the need

6111     Sunday ~~For this day !!
6112     For church in the am and pm ....worship and praise

Thank you Lord for your blessings on me !!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sucker Punched...

Have you ever felt
like someone just
sucker punched you
right in the middle
of your stomach

that was they way I felt
along with many others
finding out some news
about our jobs
lowering pay by a big chunk
of ching ..

This is when you
really have to do some
praying and trusting
for he knows the way
of just what our needs

As I post this I ask that each one
that looks at this
will pray  for
us and our employer
that all things will work out
and GOD will lead
all of us to exactly where
we need to be

Prayers appreciated
Thanks so all who pray for us

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays Week 127 Oct. 8-14-2012


               Giving Thanks to GOD this week for .... trying to count the
               Endless Blessings from  GOD ...............................

6075   Monday~~for this day !! for waking up from a nice nights rest, to feel the freshness of a warm shower.  to hear the rain. to feel the cold 44 degrees for the color God paints the trees in the fall.
6076   Learning more with each nights bible study about Saul, Jonathan and David

6077   Tuesday ~~For this day !!! Another morning to start fresh , trying to be a better witness, for the many many blessings of this day

6078   Wednesday ~~For this day !!! for the air I breath, my husband bringing that morning coffee , my husband having dinner fixed when I got home ...many blessings of gifts though each day

6079    Thursday ~~For this day !!! For the comfy warm bed, the shelter,
the love of my husband ,
6080    Thankful to have got our washer fixed , also safety in traveling  getting the sound blanket for the washer on lunch
6081   For our ladies bible study class tonight , the sharing of joys and tears
6082    For Margaret F. kindness of saying I am praying for you
6083    For all the ones that are lifting me up in prayer for Monday and getting good results

6084    Friday ~~For this day !! the wake up from my saviour , the love,
6085    For Cors praying about a situation and waiting on the Lord for a answer
6086    For doing bible study in the car on lunch
6087    For the little nose and eyes looking at me as my husband as the door
cracked waiting on me to come in .... a husband and a doggy waiting at the door that loves me so ...............

6088    Saturday ~~For this day !!! for waking up to a husband that say lay there I will bring your coffee just as soon as it is finished
6089    For the smell of my husbands cologne ..
6090    For Sunshine and warmed today near 70
6091    Lisa buying my favorite Salad !!!

6092   Sunday ~~For this day !!!
6093    Beth driving to our meeting and safety in our travels
6094    That I know GOD is the GOD that will supply my needs that he is bigger
than work problems ...........

Monday, October 8, 2012

Multites on Mondays week 126 Oct 1-7 2012


               Giving Thanks to GOD this week for .... trying to count the
               Endless Blessings from  GOD ...............................
6056   Monday ~~For this day !! Hearing the rain, smelling the coffee,
tasting the coffee bought to my bedside by my husband. for my job
blessed from the beginning to the end also studying the bible study
about David , Learning more about the bible  that GOD spoke through
this days lesson ...........thank you Lord ....I must stand still and wait upon you
Lord ....

6057   Tuesday ~~For this day !!! that I am blessed with this day
to enjoy
6058   Lisa made us lunch and homemade bread
6059   Studying another night about Saul and David , blessed with this day

6060   Wednesday ~~for this day !!!  Thank you Lord for the sunshine, the beauty of this day and each minute given to me
6061   For Dr.s to help us ~~God given Knowledge
6062    For the girl I had been burdened about from yesterday GOD "put her in my path " again today .  Thank you Lord for putting her in my path today as I invited her to church asked if she needed anything ..
6063    For having  somewhere to call home ...all the needed items Lord you have sure blessed this gal with supplying her needs ......how blessed I am not only this day but each and every day ..
6064   For my neighbors message there was a bear in our trees ...thoughtful and kind neighbors

6065   Thursday ~~For this day !!! the Sun shining so beautiful this morning , the dew on the roses
I think of as being a Dew Kiss from GOD
6066   Getting off work early such a beautiful day that I enjoyed  out on the deck
6067    Our Ladies Bible study , the prayers, the request spoken and unspoken

6068   Friday ~~For this day !!! waking up early to coffee brought to my bed side by
my husband
6069   For the day off also enjoying dancing with my husband we are so funny
6070   For 80 degrees and sitting out in the sun getting some natural Vit. D. doing some of our bible study lesson out on the deck
6071   Fed Ex picked up the unexplainable boxes..
6072   Medical Supply dropped of my pulse Oximeter to use to night , also that I did go to sleep with it on my finger , on Saturday finding out my husband laid there watching the numbers to see
how I dd Thur the night =Love

6073   Saturday ~~For this day !!! Sleeping though the night with the pulse oxygen machine
the cool crisp of this day much cooler than yesterday still thankful for the day and the many blessing's of ~~cleaning house=I have a house to clean, Doing laundry =I have clothes,
Fixing a bagel= I have food to eat, raining =I have shelter , Cool weather=I have heat
Hug and Kisses=I am loved each morning by the one who lays awake watching me of the night
just to see if I am breathing right === Blessed beyond measure ....Wonderful Saviour that cares for me his child and forgives me daily of my many sins.

6074   Sunday ~~For this day !!!  Hearing the rain , seeing the day clear up ,
blessed to have enjoyed this day and week .  Studying the Word of GOD
still studying about Saul , I must remember that I must put on the whole armor
of GOD each day.  Thankful for three and half days off .

Thank you LORD for this past week and each blessing Monday to Sunday
for the Love , the Forgiveness, for knowing that you will take care of
it all ...............................Amen .....

Monday, October 1, 2012

Multitudes on Monday Week 125 Sept 24-30- 2012


                   Giving Thanks to GOD this week for .....Endless Blessings
                   For those told and those that I failed to mention or  give thanks for
                   May I always be thankful as GOD so loves our Praise and

6037    Monday ~~For this day !! that I didn't forget to thank the one who woke me this morning ~~Thank you Lord~~!!
6038    For my husband's horrible rash looking so much better with each day
Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers and answering them PRAISE GOD !!!
6039    For this cool morning 40 degrees when I woke to cold to porch sit but
I still enjoyed the morning in Bed with my hot coffee.
 Thankful that these cool morning may cool my hot flashes (aka Power Surges)
6040   Thankful that each day brings my husbands skin looking better, I am so so thankful for this
6041    Thankful as I enter our home I am greeted by my husband with a hug and how was your day, also my favorite candle was burning making our home smell so warm and cozy

6042   Tuesday ~~For this day !!! Another cool morning that I am blessed with as my husband brings my coffee to bed, also I say refill and he brings another what a queen I feel like of the mornings
6043   Flowers still blooming had to stop and cut some to share the GOD given beauty
6044    Thankful to get the grass mowed
6045     Thankful to finish this weeks bible study lesson(Saul was some kind of Jealous man)

6046    Wednesday ~~For this day !!!Thank you Lord for waking me this morning , for the warm 61 degrees so that I could go out and sit on the porch while its still dark be alone with you while listening to nature ....reminds of the song this is my fathers world .......Oh may  I never forget ....
the blessings that continued though this day ....

6047   Thursday ~~For this day !!! Thank you Lord for your blessings of this day
6048    Answered Prayers for Chuck's healing he is looking so much better the rash is going more away with each day !!
6049    Our ladies bible study that we can come together and make a joyful noise and that we did with all kinds of instrument's , bells, piano, guitar, blocks, cymbals, sticks,
also that we can share the goodness of GOD and how he is mowing in each of our life's as we
study about Saul his Jealousy of David, and how Saul's son Johnathan loved David ..  Dr. Cathy
brought each of us a Rose from her rose garden (I planted mine this morning praying it takes root)

the beauty of this rose is stunning

6050    Thankful for the afternoon off to do some garage cleaning,, a little house cleaning ,   
doing my bible study outside on the deck (I must say Saul was sure mean)

6051     Saturday ~~For this day !!! for the beauty of the early morning outside on the
porch thank you Lord for 62 degrees that I can sit early out and listen to your world and
thank you and give you praise this morning , for the little hummer that perched on my trellis
for a few minutes those little birds amaze me ....... for the sunshine the whole day , for love of family ....

6052   Sunday ~~For this day !!!
6053   For sleeping in longer this morning also that Chuck is resting better thru the night
6054   For worship at our church , our church family, for the speaker from the  childerns home
thankful for people that take care of childern....love them , care for them ,
6055   For giving my hummers their power food for their long journery sometime this month. watering my flowers, sharing flowers with others.

Thank you Lord for your blessings on me ...................................endless.....................