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First let me say that I am a born again christian and try to follow what JESUS would have me do ..I fail him daily, yet he picks me up and says try again my child !!!! knowing that he is closer to me than the air I breathe !that I am just dust designed by my Redeemer!! Remember when reading my blogs they are not wrote correct but from the heart ! I need lessons in writing correctly and making these interesting. I grew up in a small town and everyone knowing my family to come to a state with my husband that I knew almost no one I will say after 23 years its still hard ...I love to go back to KY as its where most of my family are I come from a large family of 9 me being the 9th ... Some of my interest are Genealogy , Landscaping, photography , love watching HGTV and now learning to Blog Again keep in mind all my posts are from the heart.. I love to laugh love being around good old friends and family I want enjoy each day as each day is a gift from the Master Creator !! my motto is I remain 29 forever !!!!! :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Multitude Monday Sept 20th-26th Week 18

holy experience

1031 Monday~~For this beautiful morning in which I say PRAISE GOD from whom all blessings flow !!

1032 The cool crisp feeling that is out side of the morning

1033 Talking with Gaye on my way to work.

1034 Getting in to see Metcalf Wednesday !!

1035 Coming home to the place I love and the one that waits for me each day I am blessed

1036 Chatting with my Cuz Charlene on facebook

1037 fixing my hummers fresh food and its amazing how they come to thank you for the fresh food

1038 Giving my lady dog treats

1039 Watering my flowers and pruning some of them

1040 Evening porch talks and Prayer with the Master !!!

1041 Thankful that I am trying to do better on my journey !!

1042 Thankful that my husband does most of the dishes each day!

1043 Thankful that the roses I got in Ky a few weeks ago are drying perfect !!

1044 Tuesday ~~God has blessed me with another morning

1045 Thankful to be porch sitting waiting for the sunrise Just look at the sun shining !!!

1046 Thankful for the love I have for nature --breathing in all the beauty that GOD has for us if we just stop and take it in !!!

1047 For being on time for a conference call that I just found out about a few minutes before it started !!!

1048 Thankful for bringing breakfast to work this morning !

1049 Thankful for Lc's nice cake she shared yummy

1050 For times like these

1051 For talking with my husband for a minute

1052 For those good Mennonites potatoes we got

1053 For time I spent with Lady dog tonight

1054 Thankful for my sister in laws and brother in laws I have been so blessed to have them as they are so much more than in laws they are sisters and brothers to me

1055 For Chatting on facebook to my great niece Shelby ~~~so sweet !!!

1056 For Sondia sending me this picture as she knows how I love the Master Artist and how he paints the sky!

This picture was sent from Elk Grove, CA that was taken tonight 9 21 2010

1057 Wednesday~~ blessed to have this day and be up early !!!

1058 Thankful for the early morning hours before dawn to go out and sit on the porch and watch and listen to the lighting and thunder while having my coffee

1059 Thankful for my two words of the day Risible and Verbose !! from my sister who is very verbose !!

1060 Thankful for the safety in my travels to O.R. today

1061 Thursday~~blessed with another morning and 1440 yesterday

1042 My day off !!!

1043 Getting up early to porch sit and have my coffee as I know these days will be soon over as the mornings get cooler ....

1044 Going to breakfast with my husband

1045 Thankful for the RX yesterday one pill to take care of it all I thank GOD !!!

1046 Safety in our travels today

1047 Shopping and not buying anything Thankful I am just a looked !!!

1048 Blessed to have got to Visit Jerome in August we had such a great visit he is out of pain today and in heaven Thankful for all the times of fun I had at their home growing up !!!

1049 Thankful that I finished this weeks lessons

1050 Thankful for a great bible study ....

1051 Thankful that CW gave me some interesting thoughts on some questions I had asked him about faith and believing ...........things I had never thought of for the study week we were in ..

1052  Friday~~ For this day and the nights rest !!!

1053  For my little shopping cart that will help me !!!

1054  For the little kitten that showed up on our doorstep and lady was so sweet with it !!

1055  Thankful that my husband loves all the animals and for him taking it back to its home !!

1056  For the new way changes that have been made to blog spot to help us to be better blogers !!!

1057  For  Sb 's surgery going well !!!Thank you LORD !!!

1058  For my talk with Sherry on lunch ~~Friends~~~ we laughed , we cried, we shared some funny memories

1059  Thankful that I have friends that are lifetime friends even though I live far from them !!

1060  For the workday being busy !!!

1061  For our date night ..dinner and home

1062  for Quiet time to study GOD's promises

1063  Saturday ~~~for this morning ~~ thank you LORD for the beauty of each day may I see beauty in all your creation!!!

 1064  the beauty of  the morning glories ..even the ones coming up Thur the cracks ....a county porch

1065  For sitting enjoying the porch and seeing all the birds

1066  For a talk with my sister in law LR

1067  For meeting a new person running for office

1068  For dinner at the Mexican Restaurant

1069 Sunday~~ Getting to sleep a few minutes longer

1070 For the nice cool morning to porch sit with my Husband and Coffee

1071 For Sunday worship service

1072  For Aaron that he came to church again today

1073  For a day of rest , nap after Church

1074  For dinner with my sister

1075  For a warm shower that makes a body feel good

1076  For my warm fuzzy

1077 For Forgiveness from GOD

1078 For friends being exactly that friends

Father I come before you this morning glad that you love me , shower blessings upon  me from week to week and for the many years of blessings . I PRAISE you for you love for me your child !!!!
I pray that each one that reads this may stop and say THANK YOU LORD the giver of all things good
In JESUS name ...........Amen

Glad to be a child of the MOST HIGH ~~~~~~~~~~~GOD ~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday, September 20, 2010

Multitude Monday Sept 13th-19th 2010 weeek 17

holy experience

1031 Monday~~ For this day and the wonderful nights rest !
1032 For the ones I know still doing Multitude Mondays
1033 For LC going to the store with me as I felt so bad I thought I might need help
Must have been super tired ! (it's the 29 years) I have to laugh at that
1034 For finishing my week one of our bible study workbook .

1035 Tuesday~~ for sleeping a few extra mins on my day off
1036 For Chuck and I enjoying the beautiful day together

1037 For Chuck asking me history questions ..this is making me learn !!
1038 For getting to mow the grass !!!Love it !!
1039 For trimming some trees
1040 For spending the evening hours outside Love it !!!
1041 For Getting a text from my boss and her text says blessings to you !!!
1042 For V wanting to know what 1440 was !!!

1043 Seeing the rocks the (rock man) makes

1044 Wednesday ~~ Thankful for this day ~~~New blessings

1045 For getting laundry folded before work !!!this I am so thankful for !!!
1046 For fixing Ww soup that tasted better this week !!

1047 Thursday~~Again for this day !!
1048 For walking out in the fresh air and seeing my flowers !!

1049 For getting my teeth cleaned Erica is a great hygienist
1050 For stopping and Getting a Latte !!
1051 For Safety in driving this morning
1052 For having a good bible study

1053 Friday~~ Thankful for this day
1054 For the upper room reading this morning
1055 For my brother stopping by and going to lunch with me !!
1056 For studying my bible study day one for this week
1057 For Brenda and I talking about the bible study today at work
1058 Thank you Lord for being so good to me (beautiful song below )

1059 For sitting outside enjoying the beauty and watching the hummers

1060 Saturday~~ This day !! a cool crisp morning with wonderful sunshine
1061 For studying some in the bible study before work

1062 For having lunch at the park and studying some more in the beleiving GOD
1063 For seeing nothing but blue skies no clouds....
1064 For Carolyn sharing with me and Lisa that Connor who is three asked about her blue ribbion and remembered what it was for !!
1065 For having a home and the shelter it provides

1066 Sunday ~~ For this Day of blessings
1067 For sleeping in this morning until 10:15
1068 For clothes to wash
1069 For food to fix
1070 For Aaron coming to Church today Glad he came
1071 For the evening at the park with my sister and seeing Aaron and blue
1072 For just driving around love to just get out and drive around our area
1073 For a day of just being lazy !!!

Father , I thank you for this past week of many blessings , blessings that I have remembered and blessings I have failed to acknowledge to you > Forgive me for not seeing them or thanking you. I am thankful that you still love me when most days I am unlovable ...PRAISE your HOLY NAME !!!!! I will lift up my hands and PRAISE you for this week !!!In JESUS name AMEN !!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Family History

Genealogy is so neat I have been working on mine for over Thirty years and can say I have loved every Minute of it.
My sister in law and I started this long before Internet and we did this with a lot of foot work and I mean foot work.
We have climbed hills , crossed valley's waded little creeks to get to old tombstone that had been long forgotten . In doing this I have thought how hard our families have had it way back when . With great joy I know that they loved working those big farms and the fresh vegetables they harvested so they could enjoy the fruits of their labors .

on my journey to find each piece of this big puzzle I am been amazed at some of the things that happened way back then that my little mind never thought happened to people so long ago they got divorced had horrible fights there are records that I have where my Great Great Great Grandmother I will use the term she co-cocked her husband for living openly with another woman down the road.... and down the road then was like miles and miles so I know I have some good ole tough blood in these veins . I have always said there is two uses for a cast iron frying pan one is to cook with and the other to co -cock your husband !!!!! :)
I also have several Revolutionary war soldiers that have fought for our freedoms that we have today , Joshia Marcum was one of them here is a little history on him

First, Josiah Marcum stated that he had been told by his parents that he was born May 2, 1759, in Chesterfield County, Va., along the James River although he had no written evidence to prove the date. He continued that when but a child of four or five years, he moved to Prince Edward County. While Josiah was yet a boy, the family moved further westward to Bedford County where he grew to manhood and volunteered for service in the Virginia Militia as an “18 months” soldier. From Bedford, where he was enlisted, he was marched into North Carolina and was in Gates’ Defeat “only a short time” after he entered the service. He was a waggoner as well as a drummer and he explained that it was his duty to drive a baggage wagon filled with supplies to the vicinity of the battle. In his pension application, Josiah Marcum could not establish dates for any of these happenings. But he knew, and stated repeatedly for emphasis that he volunteered “in the spring immediately preceding the defeat of General Gates.” That one statement speaks volumes to the American who cares to turn back the pages of history to an account of the Revolution War years. “Gates Defeat” at Camden, S. C. on Aug. 17, 1780, has been likened to “the darkest hour before the dawn”, in the winning of the Revolution. Lord Cornwallis demolished the American Army under General Gates. The Americans lost over 2,000 men while the British losses amounted to 734. From his testimony, Josiah never forgot that retreat from Camden nor General Gates either. On Nov. 7, 1833, David Adkins, another Revolutionary War veteran, stated that he saw Josiah Marcum at Hillsbourgh in North Carolina in the American Army.” The first time he saw him, a part of the army was being marched out to a place where one of the soldiers was to be whipped. Adkins and Marcum led the procession with fife and drum. Adkins further declared that he saw Josiah Marcum beating the drum in one of the companies stationed at Hillsborough just before the defeat of General Gates. Adkins as fifer, and Marcum with the drum were marched out with a portion of the army together. But after they left Hillsborough, Adkins did not see him again “to his recollection.” Marcum stated that after the defeat of Gates he was marched back to Hillsborough where headquarters were located for a portion of the army. He spent the winter there and on scouting parties all the while continuing to drive the baggage wagon and to beat the drum. During this time he was in Campbell’s regiment under General Stephens who was in charge of the “18 months” men. Then, history tells that out of the defeat came victory. The American victory of King’s Mountain came in October, 1780. By December of the same year General Nathaniel Greene whose loyalty never was questioned, was sent to replace Gates who was retired permanently in disgrace. Then followed the Battle of Cowpens on Jan. 17, 1781 and the “Campaign of the Rivers” in which General Greene played hide-and-seek with the Red Coats along the headwaters of five flooded rivers up and down the Carolina's. By March 15, 1781, when Cornwallis attacked the Frontier Army at Guilford Courthouse, Greene held the line at Guilford after the British had chased the frontiersmen all the way across North Carolina. According to his pension declaration, Josiah Marcum held the line right along with Greene after driving the baggage wagon along the back hill country. By April of 1781, Cornwallis had moved north to Virginia and tried to Capture Governor Jefferson on the way. The last strategies of war were to bring about his historic surrender of Yorktown on Oct. 19, 1781. Josiah Marcum could not recall the date but he knew when the war was over. His 18 months of service was completed and he was discharged at Hillsborough Courthouse “in the fall of the year.” He well remembered that on his way home to Virginia, the fruit in the orchards was ripe and “many people refused to let the soldiers have any.” The remaining evidence in the pension declaration tells more of the happenings of later life in the life of Josiah Marcum. In Nov. 7, 1833, his son Stephen Marcum, then 48 years old, stated that he had seen the discharge which his father received when he left the Revolutionary War. It had been “almost 35 years ago” and he remembered well that the discharge stated that his father had served the enlistment of 18 months. Stephen, with another individual, examined the papers of his father looking for the bill of sale of a Negro woman and found the discharge: and “they had some conversation in relation to the Revolutionary War and the old man talked of other times and told many anecdotes of things which happened whilst he was a soldier.” Adding another very human touch to the record, Josiah Marcum stated that his discharged was signed by Captain Tate but “he had it washed up in his pockets about 20 or 25 years ago.” He repeated that he had no documentary evidence but gave the names of three other veterans -- Silas Wooten, Edward Burgess, and David Adkins -- who knew of his having been in the service. His last statement was that the regiment to which he had attached was commanded by Colonel Campbell. “Campbell’s Regiment” is well known in Virginia history. Robert Campbell was a famous Indian fighter before Governor Jefferson gave him a Colonel’s Commission and authorized the formation of additional units to be attached to the brigade of General William Campbell. Many of these men who served also surveyed lands in Western Virginia. Josiah Marcum was one of the few who settled in person and for many years had extensive land holdings on both sides of Tug River in both Lawrence County in Kentucky and Cabell (later Wayne) on the Virginia side. He reared a large family. His descendants in ever-increasing numbers take their places with all degrees of prominence, through all walks of life. That Josiah Marcum passed from this life on March of 1846 a few weeks before his 87th birthday. That for many years he was such an expert blacksmith and gunsmith that he was known throughout the area as “The Vulcan of the Big Sandy Valley.” A review of Hardesty’s History of Wayne County mentions the Silver Creek Church and many of her early members. Among those mentioned are John and Clara (Marcum) Kirk, John C. and Clara Marcum, Moses Marcum, Jacob and Rhoda Marcum, and Rebecca Marcum Copley. Several of the descendants of Josiah Marcum are members of the Silver Creek Church and are very active in the youth program, the choir, the ministry. They are employed as teachers, bankers, coal miners, elected officials, musicians, attorneys, merchants, and doctors. In conclusion, thank you-- Josiah Marcum --for such a proud heritage that I hold dear to my hear !!

Now on to the ............
The Castles are on my mothers side of the family.
Now to talk about Jacob (White Tassel) Castle they called him white tassel due to he was what we would call a albino .
Jacob had at least eight wives all Cherokee except Sowega,who was his first wife.Sowega was a Shawnee Indian of the Kispokotha (Warrior) Clan, from Western Pa. and the mother of his first born,Jacob,Jr. He was one of the earliest pioneers in Southwest Va and the area called Castlewoods,Va is named for him

Jacob's Shawnee name was Taumee or Taumee-Elenee. This name was anglized to White Tassel, however the actual meaning is "Corn Man". This name was bestowed, no doubt, because of his light or white silky hair, which reminded the indians of corn silk. His slender stature also contributed to the reason for the name. He was slender like the corn stalk.

Sowega (Shawnee Indian Maiden):Sowega married Jacob(White Tassel)Cassel in 1736 in Lancaster Co,Pa. Soon thereafter she change her name to Mary Elizabeth. She was a Kispokotha ( Warrior Clan) Shawnee. Waupaathee is swan in Shawnee, therefore Sowega must denote some effeminant action of a swan.,perhaps "Gliding Swan" or "Swimming Swan". The Shawnee had 34 tribes (gens or clans) or name groups, as they are sometimes refered by. The Shawnee child is named by the elder of the tribe or gen of that particular division of the nation. In this case it would be the Kispokotha (Warrior Clan)."They generally bestow a name descriptive of some act of the animal or bird which is the totem of the infant named".(Trowbridge:1939,p.26)." "Women receive names within their totem tha convey an idea of softness or effeminacy". In general Shawnee "names are always more or less descriptive of some event which has occured,or of particular anticipated points in the character of the person, or of the animal which is their totem or name group."(Towbridge:1939,p.27) Therefore it is fairly safe to assume that Sowega is a name that identifies some effeminate nature of behavior of a swan.

Hummers !! and my love for them

I have enjoyed watching hummers for years such a small bird , such a joy to watch.I sit last night for hours watching these two hummers as they love to fight as well !
I do think that they come back year to year to the same location as one year I had not put my feeders out and my husband and I was sitting on our steps the hummer came right in front of my face and then flew to the spot I kept the feeder then back to me as if to say please put the feeder up I am wanting to drink .
I go get the feeder and put it up the little hummer goes and drinks for a while comes back to where I am right in front of my face again as if to say THANK YOU for the food !!
Someone said they didn't think they lived a long life as this couldn't be as I have researched they do live long life's .

Hummingbirds have long lifespans for organisms with such rapid metabolisms. Though many die during their first year of life, especially in the vulnerable period between hatching and leaving the nest (fledging), those that survive may live a decade or more. Among the better-known North American species, the average lifespan is 3 to 5 years. By comparison, the smaller shrews, among the smallest of all mammals, seldom live more than 2 years. The longest recorded lifespan in the wild is that of a female Broad-tailed Hummingbird that was banded (ringed) as an adult at least one year old then recaptured 11 years later, making her at least 12 years old. Other longevity records for banded hummingbirds include an estimated minimum age of 10 years 1 month for a female Black-chinned similar in size to Broad-tailed, and at least 11 years 2 months for a much larger Buff-bellied Hummingbird.

Only white granulated sugar is proven safe to use in hummingbird feeders. A ratio of 1 cup sugar to 4 cups water is a common recipe. Boiling and then cooling this mixture before use has been recommended to help deter the growth of bacteria and yeasts. Powdered sugars contain corn starch as an anti-caking agent; this additive can contribute to premature fermentation of the solution. Brown, turbinado, and "raw" sugars contain iron, which can be deadly to hummingbirds if consumed over long periods. Honey is made by bees from the nectar of flowers, but it contains sugars that are less palatable to hummingbirds and promotes the growth of microorganisms that may be dangerous to their health.

Red food dye is often added to homemade solutions. Commercial products sold as "instant nectar" or "hummingbird food" may also contain preservatives and/or artificial flavors as well as dyes. The long-term effects of these additives on hummingbirds have not been studied, but studies on laboratory animals indicate the potential to cause disease and premature mortality at high consumption rates.Although some commercial products contain small amounts of nutritional additives, hummingbirds obtain all necessary nutrients from the insects they eat. This renders the added nutrients unnecessary.

Hummingbird hovering to feed at a red feeder with yellow "flowers"Other animals also visit hummingbird feeders. Bees, wasps, and ants are attracted to the sugar-water and may crawl into the feeder, where they may become trapped and drown. Orioles, woodpeckers, bananaquits, and other larger animals are known to drink from hummingbird feeders, sometimes tipping them and draining the liquid In the southwestern United States, two species of nectar-drinking bats (Leptonycteris yerbabuenae and Choeronycteris mexicana) visit hummingbird feeders to supplement their natural diet of nectar and pollen from saguaro cacti and agaves.

Fall is the perfect time to enjoy these winged wonders. As days shorten and nights begin to cool, hummingbirds begin their yearly trek south from their summer breeding grounds in the northern half of the country to the warmer regions of Mexico and Central America. Attracting these fascinating birds to your garden isn't difficult.

Flowering plants, selected for their nectar-rich blossoms, provide hummingbirds with much-needed fuel for their long and arduous trip; including a few in your garden is a sure-fire way to encourage them to make a quick pit stop.

Hummingbirds are constantly on the move in search of food. They prefer high-octane meals to fuel their fast metabolisms. Their food of choice is the calorie-rich nectar found in flowers. Tubular-shaped flowers often contain more nectar than flat or shallow-shaped flowers, and so the birds tend to prefer them.

Please if you are feeding the hummers keep your feeders clean and fresh as they need more fuel for their flight south this time of year

Monday, September 13, 2010

Multitude Monday Sept- 6th-12th 2010 Week # 16

holy experience

991 Monday~~Labor day~~for this extra day of rest
992 Breakfast with Chuck @ Lee's
993 Chuck taking me to my favorite Greenhouse to get fall flowers
993 Thankful to bath Champie again
994 Working outside with my flowers

995 Tuesday~~ Thank you LORD for waking me this morning
996 Thankful for the many flower pots I got at a great deal !!!
997 For A CHRISTmas present I purchased for someone today
998 Enjoying my evening outside planting, weeding,watering the flowers
also watching the birds ...Thank you LORD for allowing me to plant, water, weed and feed the Flowers and birds ...

999 Wednesday~~Blessed to wake early to thunder and rain which is much needed
In the rain this morning the hummer was showing himself how awesome for him to sit for me to enjoy !!! How blessed I am THANK YOU LORD

1000 THANKFUL for the Simplicity of CHRIST !!!!For that Child like faith !!
for reaching one thousand blessings in this day !!
1001 For an evening of praying and weeding ...
1002 For thanking GOD while weeding that I know he has to do alot of pulling those bad weeds out of me so Thankful that he forgives me !!
1003 Thankful that my brother was feeling better tonight.

1004 Thursday~~Thankful for LOVE
1005 For Getting my hair trimmed and hi lighted
1006 For our new bible study starting tonight !!
1007 Thankful..that GOD is who he is , GOD can do what he says he can, I am what GOD says I am , I can do all things thought CHRIST, GOD is alive and active in my life !!
1008 Thankful for the Blue cord that reminds me of his commandments Numbers 15 :38 and 39

1009 Friday~~Thankful for being out on the porch before sunrise and to watch it come up

1010 Thankful on my way to work I can see the sun shine though the clouds

1011 Thankful for Friday night Dinner with Chuck
1012 Thankful for the laughs as Chuck was dancing to some of his Rock music !!!
Laughter is good he so cracked me up !!
1013 Thankful for the time I spent studying the bible Quiet time well spent !!!

1014 Saturday~~Thankful for waking up to hear thunder and rain sounds so good and we so need it !!!
1015 Thankful for Breakfast with Chuck at the H.H.
1016 Thankful for going to KY to see family ...I am so blessed to have a wonderful loving family .= we had parents that showed us love and taught us to Love ....
1017 Thankful for the being awake almost all night as this gave me time to pray ..

1018 Sunday~~Morning Coffee that was so good having it with family (even if I made it like see Thur water as they called it )
1019 For Sunday school and Church at the church I grew up in !!
1020 Thankful that I got out of the boat during church service as I was lead to pray for a lady that had gotten sick in church (let me say this Its not me that can do this as this was way out of my comfort area as I had prayed for her in my seat but GOD wanted more from me than just sitting in the church pew praying exercising my faith as in the getting out of the boat the the picture below says it all looking out from the boat the water is beautiful to get the feel of the water you must be in it treading or swimming)

1021 I was to thankful that most of my family Got to have lunch together after church.
1022 That we got to go to the burg and Lc at least go to see the home of the smashburger
1023 Thankful to see some friends at Dairy cheer in the burg
1024 For Nancy having me some blue Mondays
1025 for some Time at Nancy's with the girls and Nancy telling us she would still be getting her birthday present from Dave he had it ordered ...never forgetting anything in all those years makes me cry for the love he had and missing him as I sat to hear this
1026 Nancy saying GOD's still good ......Aw-some faith ...Awsome GOD
1027 For a Safe trip home ....
1028 for my husband being there with the door open waiting for his hug and saying Champ and I missed you !!
1029 Thankful for what as it is GOD given !!!
1030 For studying a few minutes on our ladies bible study.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Multitude Monday Week 15 ~~Aug 30th-Sept 5th 2010

holy experience

A few thoughts on Gratitude.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow

"He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has."

"You simply will not be the same person two months from now after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life. And you will have set in motion an ancient spiritual law: the more you have and are grateful for, the more will be given you."

952 Monday~~Early Morning calls from my husband
953 Thankful my husband had a safe trip to OR and back
954 Thankful for my Brother Buggs not having to have stints and that is Cardic cath went well.
955 Thankful for my knee letting me weed eat !!! Thank you LORD for your blessings on me
956 Talking to Nancy tonight
957 Tuesday~~sleeping in for a few extra mins
958 Going out to sit on my porch to enjoy the morning beauty !
959 Knowing that GOD knows best in all and that I have to fully trust him in all areas of my life !
960 Thankful that V bought our lunch today !!Mexican yummy
961 Thankful for getting the grass raked and blowed off love a beautiful lawn ~~God give it to me to keep as pretty as I can ~~THANK you LORD !!
962 Thankful for the talk with my brother about his up coming surgery !!
963 Wednesday ~~blessed with another day to say THANK YOU LORD !!that I woke up this morning to a beautiful , sunshiny morn ,
964 Texting Mikie he has to love my texts !!!lol
965 My husband bringing me a sweet tea !!!(my sigh on most days )

966 Thankful for my Lady doggie she is so sweet all she wants is to be loved on
she falls at my feet and flips over to be loved on .
967 Thursday~~a cool morning ~~ beautiful to see ~~
968 thankful again for the 1440 yesterday A multitude of blessings with 1440

969 thankful for this little light of mine ..thankful that I can let it shine

970 Thankful for the sweet smell of the roses I have enjoyed

971 Thankful that Nancy and David had 55 years together in all those years Nancy said he never forgot a birthday ,anniversary, valentines,or just a no reason gift he was her perfect Sigh..Thankful that the ones I have loved they will bloom again ~~~!!

972 Philippians Chapter 4 (the peace of GOD )
973 Thankful for Lisa's pool its was cool
974 Laughs at Brookie and her boyfriend she said he was so durable (adorable) Kids say the cutest things !!!!
975 Laughs with Brookie as she was full of it !!!!(lc you know what she was full of )
976 Friday~~a new fresh day and with this day brings different blessings
977 Porch sitting before sunrise enjoying Chuck Champie, lady, and my best morning cup of coffee
978 The little Hummer that wanted fresh food that I went in and fixed ..little Hummer enjoy the fresh food ~~~GOD created you so I love to watch you !!!
979 Saturday~~Blessed for a long weekend off
980 Thankful to do the cleaning and laundry !!
981 Thankful for Dinner with my husband in Somerset
982 A safe trip to Somerset and back
983 Late night porch sitting and talking to Nancy on the phone
984 Sunday~~Another day to thank GOD for the many blessings ones I have overlooked
I say Thanks to GOD today !!!
985 The fresh feeling after a nice shower
986 The cool morning just beautiful out !!
987 Thankful for a afternoon of being lazy
988 Getting something to eat and going to the park with Tamsey
989 Stopping by to see my brother Buggs his color looks so much better
990 Thankful for the nice cool evening to porch sit and play with my lady dog

Father Thank you for this week of abundant blessings you have given to me , for those that have been a blessing to me Thank you !!
That you love me when I am unlovable and forgive me for the many sins !!! Amen