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First let me say that I am a born again christian and try to follow what JESUS would have me do ..I fail him daily, yet he picks me up and says try again my child !!!! knowing that he is closer to me than the air I breathe !that I am just dust designed by my Redeemer!! Remember when reading my blogs they are not wrote correct but from the heart ! I need lessons in writing correctly and making these interesting. I grew up in a small town and everyone knowing my family to come to a state with my husband that I knew almost no one I will say after 23 years its still hard ...I love to go back to KY as its where most of my family are I come from a large family of 9 me being the 9th ... Some of my interest are Genealogy , Landscaping, photography , love watching HGTV and now learning to Blog Again keep in mind all my posts are from the heart.. I love to laugh love being around good old friends and family I want enjoy each day as each day is a gift from the Master Creator !! my motto is I remain 29 forever !!!!! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mutitude Mondays Week six June 21-June 27 2010

holy experience

In the past Five weeks I have found that I LOVE looking at each day and seeing and remembering the blessings that I have been given its AWESOME to look back and read the past five weeks now starting week six ....

481 Monday--Drinking coffee early and a neighbor stopping to talk .
482 My husband calling just to say hello and remind to order phones .
483 bringing my lunch to work veggie soup
484 spending lunch taking pictures at the park and nearby barns

485 Air conditioner
486 My husband having some of our supper in the oven
487 Going to Lisa's for a cool swim

488 Kids loving the water and their laughter .................
489 Tuesday--loving the early morning freshness = more blessing
490 Busy busy = better commissions !!! blessed
491 Pleasant customers not minding to wait
492 lunch at 3 yummy soup and potato
493 Thankful that B & G have LC and the other C's in their life
494 Psalm 127:3
495 Proverbs 22: 6 ( I know that B & G are getting the right training)
496 My sister calling and telling me she had supper if I wanted to stop by and I did just that
497 Wednesday~~Morning time on my porch again its a blessing everyday ~~I kinda of just LOVE it ~~~I know no one reading this would think that !!!!
498 Morning Devotional
499 Lisa is back ~~~:)
500 Knowing that GOD dances with me in Joyful days !!!

501 Reading LC's post Modern day girl
502 The skinny cow Ice cream that Lisa bought me (Thanks LC)
503 Being able to finally weed eat ...Thank you Lord
504 crackers at 10pm when I got so hungry cause I had forgot to eat supper I was so enjoying being outside until like 9 30...love it !!! love it !!!
505 Thursday~~Today is a Great Day!!!!! One we have never lived in and never will again...love this saying thanks Paula for posting it on your FB ...
506 another sunrise from my porch did I say with my coffee ....how many times have I said this but its sure a new blessing each morning !!!! this holy experience has helped to remember and reflect on each days blessings ..

507 Music .........................

508 Flowers from my flower garden to enjoy at work

509 Kids and Hot dogs ~~Love the way she eats her hotdog ~~

509 From my flower garden reminds me of the sunshine and the SON-shine

510 a night of sitting on the porch ..the ending of many blessings For Thursday
511 Today 6 24 2010 would have been my niece Kim's 50th birthday ..so for today I planned a cooked out at the river which had to change to the park due to rain .Kim and I loved Picnics from kids up ...(I guess this calls for a blog about Kim)
511 Friday .. A great day since I will have the weekend off !!!!
512 laughter over Brookie and duck chasing ...kids....
513 Simple things ....simple life...=blessed life
514 My sister and I going to the park at sunset to feed the duck
515 coming back to sit on her porch until later
516 Late night sitting with CW and I on our porch
517 Saturday~~ Finally got our bedroom spring-summer cleaned
518 New comforter
519 Going to Jessi and Adams wedding
520 Fellowship at their reception
521 going out for supper with CW
522 Sunday~~ Church~~New pastor today ~
523 the pastor's sermon GOD created ...also the other person that just cut you off in traffic or jumped in front of you somewhere ....GOD created ...(a thinker)
524 Don't have to cook !!we have left overs from last night we brought home yeah !!!
525 short nap with Chuck and Champ
526 being able to bath Champ (this is the longest he has went without a bath--I bet champie was glad)
527 For lidocane patches on the knee
528 The Video LC sent last night has brought us many laughs of watching it over and over !!!
529 Lisa and Brookie bringing us a beautiful cake and yummy too !! and we porch sit last night love it ~~~

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Niece Kim

Yesterday would have been my niece-best friend-younger sister , birthday she was Born June 24 1960 and after a short battle with cancer she passed away August 28 1990
we were so close growning up always together , we always got into lots of things together one memory is we were at her house in the bottom in New Allen and she went and got us some bread and we ate wild green onions boy oh did I get sick over that one.
I have stated before she loved the love is ..cartoons and collected everyone each day in the paper.I never noticed this until I stumbled upon one not long ago was it that she collected these because they were signed kim !!!
She loved loves baby soft perfume ..

This was at one of her birthdays Kim is in the Red shorts and I have on the flowered pants...

As you can see in this picture she loved her Daddy . She had so much love in her heart for each person and things she collected and wear were about love .....

Kim's mom Nancy had just got a new blue Cadallic and we had begged and begged and did I say begged to drive it ...so finally Nancy agreed and we went driving around Jenny Wiley and got back within oh I will say 500 feet of their house and a car hits us ...thats right at this point we are about to just die ........Nancy had saw it and comes running so we know at this point we are really in T R O U B L E ........it wasnt our fault it was the other driver thank goodness for that ...so we didnt get into to much trouble just that we would never get to drive it again ..this isnt the car but one like it

So yesterday I had planned a evening down at the river witha little cookout just in my mind to celebrate Kim's birhtday it rained us out from the river but we did go to the park so for a little bit those with me not knowing why I had chose this evening to go to the river and have a cook out ...yes, it was for Kim !!!! as we so loved our little cookouts and picnic as we grew up .

I could go on and on about Kim as we had so much fun together

So I give you your favorite flower Yellow roses Kim !!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day Sunday June 20th 2010

Today being Fathers day I just had to blog about having Two awesome Fathers
My earthly Father who was with me for just a short time in my life I was just 17 I was so young and looking back I sure could have used some of his great knowledge in alot of things along life's journey.
He wasn't a Christan until I was around the age of 12 I Think and he accepted Christ as his saviour even before he was a christian.
He was always a giver if you came to his house you would have left with something fresh garden vegetables ,canned food , something he made as he loved wood work, he always busy doing something
My dad was also a neat fantantic I guess these days he might have been a little OCD as he would do the white glove test to make sure all was clean and he cleaned his car and truck daily .(IF he saw my car now it would be bad)
Thru my eyes as a child I thought he was the biggest , strongest daddy in the whole world and I knew nothing would ever harm me with him around .
He was a great provided , we always had more than enough. we never went with out anything we needed , most of the things we wanted we got also.
I know now looking back he did without alot himself to raise nine children and have the things he had .I just don't know how he did it since my mother was a stay at home mom (and that being a big job for her as well)
My Heavenly Father has been walking by my side all life's journey and sometimes along the journey I left or stepped to the side not stayed on the right track but he stayed on track close by just waiting for me to let him work in my life , and I know that there must have been times when he just hung his head and cried as I have hurt him so , not walked the walked as I should have .
In reading the book if you want to walk on the water you have to get out of the boat
I am trying to get out . a little at a time I am like the other eleven that was in the boat that night they had white knuckles from holding on and not stepping out like Peter .
I feel so blessed to have had the earthly Father that my heavenly Father allowed me to have ...........so Dad I still love you , thanks for all the things you have given to me and I know I will always be your baby !!!!!

Sunday June 20 2010

Today being Sunday is of course my day of worship at
The Church with my church family .
Also it was the last day for Pastor Bro. Denny and Sharon to be with us,
as with all Methodist you are moved from time to time .
Today's worship was very sad as we have love for him being our Shepherd over this flock for the past four years and the spiritual food he has feed us .
He has been a awesome man of GOD never have I ever saw a pastor before each time bringing the message knee and pray and ask GOD to remove him and let the holy spirit to come in. This has humbled me when I think of him doing this. I need to be reminded each day that its not Glenna that needs to speak some times its Glenna that needs to allow the holy spirit to move in her to witness and share the gospel as we are called to do.
I will also remember that I found him a place for his horse to stay and he and his wife were over joyed . My understanding its was him and his horse that he would go sometimes to be alone with GOD.
I will always remember that we called each other Meth-a-costal!
I will also remember his love for Fried chicken and Banana pudding

I will leave with you these verses Philippians chapter 1 verses 3,4,5 and 6
Pastor Brother Denny.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


A young man came in to the office today and told me of Shout and how GOD had used that bottle to show him some things even in a plain bottle of Shout.
I may not get all the items he used to tell me how GOD had used this as he was just reading the bottle .

1 Shout to the LORD
2 Triple action =, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit
3 removes stain = removes sin
4 directions= GOD will give us the directions if we will allow
5 Safe = safety in the arms of JESUS
6 works in a temperatures = no matter what is going on in our life GOD is working

Monday, June 14, 2010

Multitude Mondays June 14th-20th (5th week)

holy experience

405 Monday --My third day off yeah
406 My husband fixing us breakfast ..biscuits .
407 My nephew Dougie --he cracks me up !!
408 Cleaning the hot tub ( I know as hot as it is but hoping it will help the ole Knee)
409 Taking it easy today ..reading ...
410 Ice paks for the knee
411 Togetherness
412 Grocery Shopping
413 Getting caught in the summer rain trying to put the groceries in the car
414 The rain quit longer enough for me to get it all carried inside
415 Peach Candles
416 Chuck and I have enjoyed these three days off !!!
417 This evening we went back to get some things I had forgot at the Grocery store at least he drove me and we stopped to get something to eat
418 visiting my sister for a few mins
419 Tuesday~~~ another sunrise this morning

420 Back to work = I have a job ~~~blessed
421 Finding that others are doing Multitude Mondays and reading their blogs..
422 pay day !!!!
423 Music ...
424 sharing the daily devotional with my husband while sitting on the porch this morning
425 Martha Stopping by to chat
426 Thankful for having time to reflect on my many blessings
427 Chatting with family and friends on Facebook ~~~keeps me connected to KY
428 Ruth telling me some news !!!
429 Wednesday morning see picture below ..blessings of quite time in my back yard with me and GOD !!

430 To be out for another sunrise !!!
431 thought provoking questions about my life !!
432 For the people that are praying for me !!!
433 Sondia a lady I have never meet personally but her love for GOD shines thru all emails and calls !!!
434 my morning devotional ...knowing GOD will lead me if I will allow !!!
435 blessed to pay the guy to fix our hot tub now nights and early mornings here I come
436 CW and I driving around last night
437 Thursday--talking with my cuz Greta
438 Hair Apt. get cut and color ..:)
439 Chuck picked me some wild Daisy's from his walk (this was a few days ago and it was brought back to my memory)
440 I am reaping better than I have sowed , yes looking back over the pass 440 blessings I am truly drinking from my saucer .....oh how GOD loves ME !!!!

441 I am RICH ~~~~in blessings that is ~~~~~
442 enjoying the relaxing at the hair salon
443 Lemonberry slush from Sonic
444 This evening we drove to the park again and watched the children play and the baby ducks .
445 working out in the yard tonight ....
446 Sitting on the porch and having some prayer time with my Saviour !!!
447 blessed to feed the birds
448 I am reminded of the scripture let everything that have breath PRAISE THE LORD !!
449 Chuck singing !!!close to you
450 Friday~~early morning hot tub with low temp and my coffee
451 Training classes = more knowledge of new technology
452 Phil 1 verse 3 and 4 (thanks Elizabeth)
453 Elizabeth appreciating just a Little thing
454 tear of gratitude
455 listening to the kids laughing outside work right now ....Laughter is like a medicine its goes us good and they are really having fun !!!
456 going out driving looking for little country churches to take pictures of
457 also took a picture of the odd looking tree so bend
458 Stopped and visited with some friends that were out in the yard
459 Saturday..saw a country church on my way to work stop and did a photo
460 my quite time here at work ..
461 chatting with family in Ohio
462 praying for a neighbors mother ..praying for good news about her today !!
463 Hugs from CW this morning
464 The young man that bought a HTC came back in and he shared his love for the Lord with me and we had a wonderful sharing time ....(shout)
465 The older man in the store that was touched by this young man I mentioned above
466 The young boy had been praying and seeking GOD for a new job ...and he is going to get it he told me of his happiness in the loss of his job for he was not a quiter and that GOD would have that job for him !!!!In most of our lifes this would be gloomy but he was praising GOD ~~~!!
467 For the song that has ministied to my soul on many days .(didnt I wake you up this morning clothed in your right mind, you walked right into your closet and your steps were right on time )
468 In my heart I am rejocing !!!!!
469 Sunday--another day of refreshing
470 Church to praise and worship
471 So blessed to have Had Bro Denny as our pastor for the past four years
471 Giving of a scripture to the pastor that was laid on my heart
471 Pastor Denny telling me to always follow the leadership of the holy spirit
472 For my Dad this is his 34th fathers day in heaven
473 For the years I had my Dad and the vaulable lessons he gave to me in those years
474 For my Heavenly Father ~~~always by my side ~~~
475 Going to the River
476 Wathcing Connor a three year have such fun with just sand
477 The great feeling of sand and water under my feet
478 For Scaring Aaron .....priceless....he sure thought a snake was on his leg
479 Giving myself a pedicure ..
480 Lady feeling better ..oh how I love that Dog

Monday, June 7, 2010

Multitude Mondays June 7--June 13 (4th week)

holy experience

I had to start this off this week with this song !!!

253 Today the morning is new and full of blessings
254 Lisa and her peeps she is so funny !!! laughter is good
255 this is why I like watching the hummers on my porch

256 For a couple of years I have tried to change the color of my hydrangea from pink to blue and its the color I wanted this year Thank you Lord!!
257 Applesauce and Graham crackers
258 I know there were many blessings on Monday , for some reason it was really hard for me to reflect on them ...
259.Video from Me niece in Texas showing me her garden
260 text messages from Michelle in Texas
261 Tuesday--Waking up to a new day with new blessings
262 Using my husbands knee brace
263 Appointment with the orthopedic Thursday
260 having a coffee pot at work
261 Reading from a Children's bible at lunch today
262 Child like faith
263 Freedom to sing,
264 freedom to dance
265 """"""" laugh
267 singing off key~~~I am glad GOD loves a joyful noise
268 1966 Healing
269 My husband washing the dishes and running the vaccum cleaner
270 Getting ever other weekend off and some sat, sun and Mondays.....wooooohoooo
271 For GOD's Presence so real to me !!!
273 Getting someone to look at our roof --didn't show up yet
274 Quite time on my porch just me !!!sometimes I so long for the quite time that I can get away and just be by myself
275 Talking with the lady about Vacation bible school
276 Reading in the summer book our ladies do for summer reading (The Centurion's Wife)
277 The book Redeeming love ... was a really good book I think about the love he had for her ...Awesome !!!
278 Ebay to get books at a discount
279 How did we make it before blow dryers !!!
280-Wednesday --new day- hearing the thunder
281 Rain summer showers reminding me of the washing my soul for a new day !!
282 Love seeing the different animals at the near by farms stooping to look at a donkey ....
283 To always remember each days blessings and forget each days troubles
284 being at work on time
285 Vacation bible school tonight ..
286 black pepper popcorn
287 the customer who prayed for my knee (thanks Elizabeth )
288 cool refreshing water ....nothing no better
289 Blessed to have given up sodas 1n 2009 for Lent and have not had one since
290 paper towels !!! ( I could keep bounty in business all by myself)
291 For this Challenge to have me look deeper into blessings and thankfulness
292 My Employers
293 seeing the little kids last night at bible school so happy and enjoying them self
294 helping clean up a little
295 Hank agreeing to be Jesus for my storytelling Thursday night
296 The hot dogs last night they served at bible school were yummy
297 Thursday-new day , freshness of the morning
298 getting inventory done early this morning
299 people agreeing to be in my story telling tonight ...thanks to all !!!
300 The good ole Music on Thursdays got to love it !!!!
301 It didn't rain on my drive to Knoxville
302 Dr Beeler being very nice and all his staff
302 That the knee injection didn't hurt to bad
303 Safety to the Dr and back
304 getting back to work for a few mins
305 Praying others is blessing
306 My talk with Teeny on the way back from the Dr
307 my time alone with GOD on my drive
308 Good to weed my flowers this weekend praying it don't rain
309 Tears ....Tears from my time with GOD !!! (I am a crier)
310 Last nights story telling and reading from the bible went well so blessed to have people willing to do what you ask ..
311 a few of us had fellowship with the pastor ...he was talking about all of us having a ounce of faith ..(oh to have that child like faith) !!!
312 Friday-morning -up early before the sun come up went out back to the deck to spend time in reading the bible and with GOD ..
313.Morning talk with Gaye
314 Talking with Tamsey
315 Time alone with GOD
316 Sleep well even with the cortisone inject that Noramlly keeps me awake ..Thank you LORD for you letting me rest and not in pain !!!!
317 I get Sat. Sunday and Monday off WOW.....
318 Thankful for being given Psalms 46 1 by a friend
319 Thankful for the Vacation bible school kids . some seemed to be so hungry glad that they were able to eat as much as they wanted and we have more than enough for them to take home which they asked for ...This really made me sad to think that they may have been in need however the church was able to bless them with take out .
320 that the seed was planted in these young kids this week and GOD will do the watering
321 Fellowship with the ladies in the kitchen
322 Jamie's baked potatoes were great ..Reciepe is rub crisco on the baked potatoes and use coarse salt or coarse sea salt and bake at 400 uncovered yummy tasted like out back ..
333 Saturday woke up early to the birds singng ..love those morinings of freshness
334 For the weekend off and just sat out side for a while with my coffee not being pressed for moving
335 was able to pull some weeds ..I am about to be over taken with weeds in the landscaping .
336 Came in started cleaning love the clean smell of pine sol...
337 thus far at 230 I am just sitting to rest waitng on floors to dry
338 Thank you Lord for my knee feeling better .
339 Blessed ...blessed .....blessed
340 Good COLD water
341 Clean bathrooms!!!!
342 Refilling the birds feeders
343 Treats for our dogs while we were outside
343 CW and I went out to look at the old cars
343 visted his Family ..Cassidy is a delight to be around ..the niece
344 Started reading again the book if you want to walk on the water you have to get out of the boat .
395 Good nights rest after working all day
396 Sunday--I know I name this over and over but with each monring on my porch coffee in hand I so enjoy this time ..the refreshing of the new dawn
397 Church ....Worship and Praise ...love the gathering
398 fixing dinner
399 draining the hot tub and cleaning it ...I am blessed to have it to hope it helps this ole knee
400 Glad to be chosen to be a fruit bearer ..I pray that each day I bear better fruit ..
401 nice nap today
402 church tonight people being friendly at a new church I visited tongiht
403 Home always nice and welcoming
404 dry strawberry mini wheats yum

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My First ATV Ride

Me being who I am , I love the beauty of nature. I just
don't like to get in with all the ticks, spiders, snakes Etc.!
I saw Lisa's picture of this mountain top and just had to
go there . Lisa being so kind to take this ole gal up the
mountain .
I enjoyed it so much to get to see first hand the top of the mountains where we
live .

I noticed all along the way beside most of the dirt trail you could see the wild Daisy and the Fire Pinks in bloom GOD has everything just in the right place.

To Sum it up I had a Mountain top experience last night.
I got HIGH with Nature !

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Porch Sitting

We love to go out early in the mornings to our porch to drink our coffee, watching the sun come up and see and hear the birds
My husband usually goes in before me as I like to sit alone for a little while
Sitting there alone with just me and GOD I hear the birds and I am reminded of the scripture "let everything that have breath PRAISE the LORD" as the birds sing I know that they are PRAISING the KING !
Sitting on the porch while the dew is still there I am reminded of this song
"In the Garden"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Multitude Mondays 3rd week (June 1 --June 7)

holy experience

143 Chuck getting our yard weeded
144 Chuck saw me in passing and came back to check on me (never takes his Cell phone)
145.Lunch with Tasmey Tuesday
146 Work on Tuesday
147 Old Friends joining facebook today
148 Old Pictures
149 Summer squash yummy
150 a sleepless night = plenty of time to pray !!!!
151 Yoplait whips yogurt Frozen was a treat !
152 Daily Newspaper
153 this morning as I walk to my car just had to stop and pause for a minute to enjoy the beauty of my flowers !!!
154 Talking with my Aunt this morning
155. Technology
156 110 calorie bagels my friend gave me
157 Peach Tea
158 Customers
159 My Quite time with GOD
160 Reading in Proverbs
161 reading my prayer journal
162 Popsicles
163 eating left overs from lunch with some veggies
164 Talking with my sister on my Way to work this morning !
165 watching children ride their bikes ......
166 Had My Husbands Ac coolant added ...for me to be cool when I am riding
167 Soft touches
168 kids laughter
169 This should have been at the top of the list my Bible
170 Thursday oldies on the radio
171 Serving the GOD of more than enough !!!
172 Talking to a customer telling him that GOD will take care of him
173 GOD taking care of me
174 Looking back in my prayer journal since 2005 all the prayers that have been answered ........................
175 Isaiah 40:31
176 Another Morning to sit on the porch in the early am coffee is great
177 My watch ...I feel lost without it ...
178 Finding my sister in law a birthday present hoping she will like !!
179 Talking to Nancy my sister in law a inspiration to me she is still standing after all the storms in her life.
180 Reflecting back on Kim and what she meant to me my niece, my sister, my friend !!
181 Chatting with my cousin on line
182 Living in the area that I do
183 Fixing fresh humming bird water love to watch them
184 My cousin sharing pictures he had took in Ky last weekend
185 Finding a deal on the web for a new purse
186 Listening to the gentle rain tonight
187 a friend of mine has waited so long for her mother to be saved and she was last night ...I know Gay is over joyed ! for she has prayer for I know 25 or more years for this .
188 Watching the Browns that gives me a laugh :)
189 watching Connor play tonight with his Tractor
190 vi sting for a short time with my niece and her family
191 Champion so happy to see me when I come home !!!(I am the treat lady)
192 The rain that was much needed last night and today
193 I know I have repeated this but its a blessing to wake up each day !!
194 For the past 18,808 days !!!
195 For My Rock

196 for sounds machines that take me to the ocean
197 For Jan 7
198 For July 30
199 For the hummingbird that stayed so long this morning just for me to watch him ..they are so awesome to watch
200 Forgiveness each day !!!
201 Riding to the Mountains
202 The little Green Jane on the spot ...what a relief
203 among all the weeds a red flower grows
203 Wild Daisy's along the ride
204 People enjoying the outdoors at campsites
205 The simple things
206 laying in bed a few extra mins this morning
207 Thank you Lord for being able to pay our electric bill
207 """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" Water bill
208""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""Gas Bill
209"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""Phone Bills
210"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""buy new tires for Chucks Truck
211"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" pay our Mortgage payment
212"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""our the bills this month and months past that I failed to thank you for .This is truly a multitude of blessings !!
213 Going to the Grocery Store and buying what we need and wanted
214 Balancing my check book
215 Time to sit on lunch at this moment and reflect on all the goodness that is in my life
216 I know I have been far away from GOD but GOD has always not been far away from me
217 My blessings journal
218 The person that opened the door for me today
219 Growing up had a happy childhood
220 loving Parents they were the best in my book !!
221 Driving around or riding around letting the wind blow on my face and hair ....
222 My husband letting me but my cold feet on him to get warm
223 protection years ago when I was in a bank robbery.....I hope I can use something that was brought back to my mind today .
224 Walking the doggie when Champ (the lazy dog) will go for a short walk
225 I have some Jewelry that I feel honored to have (Aunt Jean)
226 Sunday June 6 2010 ..
227 Church this morning --Soul food
228 Communion today
229 The young man that sang today what a blessing !!
230 For the little girl that sang ..she did a great job
231 The lunch after church for our Pastor and his wife was bitter sweet they will be leaving us in a few Sundays as with all Methodist they move from time to time I just wish the bishop would have a change of heart we love them so ........
232 Enjoying trimming my roses before the rain
233 The uppper Room
234 For the lazy Sunday afternoon !!
235 Lots of ladies in the church are blessings to me but there are two that is so special to me !!
236 I got the kids bible that I will be reading to them this week in vacation bible school (time to study)
237 Candles that make the house smell so nice
238 Just cleaned kitchen (yeah)
239 I forgot to mention the fellowship after church at the dinner its always a blessing
240 Always knowing that the ANCHOR will hold !!!
241 Thankful for hearing about the multitude Mondays as it brings me to reflections past and present ...
242 The site one holy experience
243 Sugar free Fudgecicles something sweet for dieting
244 the cool evening with a gentle breeze
245 watching my little hummer drink tonight
246 talking with the neighbors
247 Talking with Aunt Jean this afternoon
248 Getting ready to watch Tv with my husband
249 Listening to the neighborhood kids playing --they have such fun--
250 My husbands weight loss
251 Lost 5 pounds !!!
252 Laughing with my sister on the phone about someone we know have such fun at and event Sat.

Love Is..................

Last Week these comic strips were brought back to my mind
and I have tried to find many of them My Niece Kim collected these years ago when they were first published .

I found this one that was very fitting for me of the mornings and my love , My husband brings my coffee to bed to me each morning !!

and Love is ...........about the new chapters ....in our lifes each day !!!