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First let me say that I am a born again christian and try to follow what JESUS would have me do ..I fail him daily, yet he picks me up and says try again my child !!!! knowing that he is closer to me than the air I breathe !that I am just dust designed by my Redeemer!! Remember when reading my blogs they are not wrote correct but from the heart ! I need lessons in writing correctly and making these interesting. I grew up in a small town and everyone knowing my family to come to a state with my husband that I knew almost no one I will say after 23 years its still hard ...I love to go back to KY as its where most of my family are I come from a large family of 9 me being the 9th ... Some of my interest are Genealogy , Landscaping, photography , love watching HGTV and now learning to Blog Again keep in mind all my posts are from the heart.. I love to laugh love being around good old friends and family I want enjoy each day as each day is a gift from the Master Creator !! my motto is I remain 29 forever !!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Project Party

Today I am joining
Tuesday Project Party

Wow I have three days off
Today was to have been
the outside day
I had planned on painting
our deck furniture along
with washing the deck and all windows outside
I got the furniture off with the help of my husband
then it happened
thunder, rain
I came in to do some general cleaning
got our Master Bedroom and Bathroom cleaned
Laundry done

I painted our Living room and Kitchen a couple weeks ago
haven't got it all back together so I did a few things in the kitchen
also today

was to have been a day to shop
for baskets to organize the other bathroom
I do hope that I can get the deck furniture
painted to look all nice and new
put up the umbrella and get ready for some
summer relaxing
then off for some shopping in the late afternoon

Is going to be spring cleaning the other bathroom
maybe painting it also
looks like I have a full three days off
love having a project to do
thankful to have a home to
spring clean
that needs organized for sure

Follow me over to Serenity in the Suburbs
by the link below

Happy Tuesday Projects to all

Many Blessings to each one

Monday, May 28, 2012

Questions for bloggers

                                                 I have this cute little butterfly house
                                                 My question is does anyone know what
                                                 makes the butterflies want to live in the house?
                                                  I have Lantana growing beside them
                                                  Thanks for any answers

Multitudes on Mondays week 107 May 21-27 2012


              Giving Thanks to GOD this week for ..........

5489   Monday ~~For this day !!
5490   For the card from Greta with seeds for another purple flower so thoughtful of my
Cousin ...............Find JOY in  even the smallest things !!!

5491   Much needed rain

5492   Tuesday ~~For this day !!
5493   Thankful for 1500 count sheets along with CJ
5494   GOD will supply the need of this county I am standing and believing in faith ..............
5495   For my sweet thoughtful niece Michelle in TX
5496   For reading some in the book of Esther

5497  Wednesday ~~For this day !!!
5498   A good nights rest 
5499   A call from sissy saying her dads stone was set

5500    CW taking me to see the stone ~~~the picture above is like my brother
smiling when I went to see ....the sun could have been shining at any place but 
it was right there above his stone.....as if to say I am happy ...
5501    CW driving me around and going to the park

5502   Thursday ~~For this day !!!
5503    I say this over and over but I am so thankful that CW makes me feel
like a queen to lay in bed and have coffee brought to me in bed
5504   That we were busy =thank you LORD for answered prayers
today while putting out flyer's ...
5505   Talking with Jimmy and we always ends his calls with "I love you sis"
and I say I love you too ...that's the way it always should be with family

5506   Friday ~~For this day !!
5507   Morning coffee on the porch with CW and champ and lady those dogs love my husband so
5508   the sunrise and its shining on me
5509   feeding my plants this morning
5510    Margaret's call about going to church with me Sunday night I pray she does
5511   Watering my flowers to find five white bird eggs instead of two in my ferns I just cant move them .......
5512    Thankful for the colors I see in my flowers what a great artist GOD is !!!
5513    For talking with Deb we love our animals and flowers ......

5514   Saturday ~~For this day !!!
5515    Reading more in the Book of Esther

5516   Sunday ~~For this day !!!
5517   For our church service and the people tie--ing knots and laying hands  on a prayer
quilt I am sending to a friend
5518    For answered Prayers
5519    Margaret Going to church with me I know my brother must have been smiling down
from Heaven

I thought about now was the time to stop has I have reached the 5519 mark and 107 weeks
then I think how can I stop as the blessings of each day are many told and untold
so I must continue on in the simple style of mind giving PRAISE and THANKS to
my JESUS .............

Blessings to each one

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Simple Love for this Simple Gal~~Springtime AHHH

I love the simple things in life as I am learning they bring the greatest joy and blessings to me

Watching the birds eat and sing

                                               My hydrangea looking so beautiful to me
                                                                 Million Bells
My TN. Orange flowers

A few of my favorite things

Just this ole gal enjoying the simple life
surrounded by the beauty GOD has given me

Join us with the link below


Blessings to each one !!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays Week 106 May 14-20 2012


              Giving Thanks to GOD this week for ..........

5465   Monday ~~For this day !!!
5466   For this day off
5467   For strength from GOD to paint our living room
5468   For my husband taking me to DQ for the birthday blizzard after working so hard
5469   For the beautiful scenery on our drive thru the park and back another way

5470  Tuesday ~~For this day !!!
5471  Getting off work early
5472  Shannon painting our kitchen and hall

5473  Wednesday ~~For this day !!!
5474  For a good nights rest
5475  For going to the Revival at White Rock tonight
5476  for 20 thankful things each night before my devotions

5477  Thursday ~~For this day !!!
5478   For cleaning our my car some
5479   For mowing, weed eating =my prayer time surrounded by the beauty
that GOD allows me to have

5480  Friday ~~for this day !!!

5481  Saturday ~~For this day !!!
5482  Cleaning cabinets and my husband helping
5483  For CW not passing out from low blood sugar
5484   For a nice day off

5485  Sunday ~~For this day !!!
5486  For early mornings
5487  For Church
5488  For CW visiting his mom on her 74th birthday

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays week 105 May 7-13 2012


              Giving Thanks to GOD this week for ..........

5441   Monday ~~For this day !!!
5442   That I am trying to be a better witness each day I know I fail but I will still try
thankful that GOD blesses me each and every day
5443    To get off work early
5444    Thankful that GOD placed those 4 little blue eggs for us to watch them grow and sing
watch their mother care for them ....they flew away today ...thank you LORD for three weeks
of watching up close new life unfold ...............beautiful .............

5445   Tuesday ~~For this day !!!
5446   Thankful that I brought my husband coffee to bed this morning and we both enjoyed our
coffee in bed before getting up

5447   Wednesday ~~For this day !!!
5448   That the Son-shines in my soul with way down deep JOY
5449   That Chuck is feeling a little bit better 

5450   Thursday ~~For this day !!!
5451   That I finished my taping of the french doors preparing to paint 
5452   Tears of love thinking about my dear precious mother and her love for me
5453   For the 23 years of having the sweetest mother on earth

5454   Friday ~~For this day !!!
5455   For this day off to work and prepare the living room and kitchen for painting
5456   That when I feel like a failure GOD is there
5457   The Wildflowers Chuck picked for me ...so bright and yellow
5458    That Chuck said I was the sweetest ..............awwww so sweet of him ~~~when he says sweet things I know he means them .........

5459   Saturday ~~For this day !!!
5460    For tears of the love when Gaye and I talked about our mother and what
she meant to us

5461    Sunday ~~For this day !!!
5462     That I woke to tears thinking about my mother and oh how she loved me
and made me feel so special ...I know that she must have sacrificed  so much  to have all nine of us kids
always putting us first ..teaching us of GOD and I thought of her saying always be honest "I don't care if you are somewhere and need a latch pin then you ask before taking it " that is just one of her rules of honestly..and "don't tell the first lie and you will never have to worry "  
 "always ask your self would JESUS be pleased with me if he came back and found me where I am at  "  so much of her lives in each one of us ...GOD I just cant thank you enough for my mother
Precious, sweet , loving , never heard her say the first any bad words, I hear here say when I would call her on my lunch hour " I am so glad you called it makes my day for you to call me on your lunch "  thinking back maybe she was lonely or maybe she just made me feel so special about calling her ...............

5463     That walmart let me return the paint that wasn't the right color
5464     The girls were so helpful there in the paint department

This week I have had many blessings and so much to be thankful for
how can I ever quit the multitudes as it keeps me focused on being
thankful ......

Blessings to all


Mother ..................no sweeter words .....No greater love (with the exception of Christ Love)
I have heard that a mothers love is next to God's love , I so believe this to be true

I am so thankful for the 23 years GOD gave me the sweetest mother that now sings,
and praise's the one whom she taught me about~~ Jesus~~

I think of my mother each day....... this up coming week is the hardest with mothers day and then on May 15 she went to heaven  , some days I have cried, some days I have smiled,  most every day I have brought out from the Golden vault ....
those precious memories that I am so thankful for.

This week I have viewed mothers day cards to only stand  there wishing  I could send my mother
a mothers day card.
There is not a day goes by that I don't think of her and the love she had not only for me
but for all her children .  In my mind I can hear her praying as I see her kneeing beside of her
bed to pray each night ,  during the day you would find her bible in her lap as she read
and studied the word of GOD.
Just this morning I was walking out to come to work, I stopped by my flowers...........and said
mother I know if you are looking down you would love these beautiful flowers, she loved her
flowers and I now have the "I will never have flowers" flowers, I know my mother smiles down
at me.

How blessed am I to have been born to such a wonderful Mother. Everything I am, I owe to her.

. I'm proud to be her daughter and could not have asked for more in a Mother.

To you who gave me the best present ever , the gift of life, I will never forget all of the unconditional LOVE you have given me , all the good times you and I shared .The times that you were my shield, my comfort and my friend., My nurse, My Doctor, My Teacher, You already know that I LOVE YOU with all of my heart, Thank you for always giving me big hugs and lots of kisses. I will never forget you, because the day you left me, you took a big piece of my heart with you. Until we see each other again, I will keep the memories, all the kisses, and all of the warm hugs in my heart for ever. Love you always and forever, your baby


Mother .....No sweeter words
Mother ......No greater Love here below

I have been told that a Mother's love is next to God's love this just has to be so true

How blessed am I to have been born to such a wonderful Mother . Everything I am, I owe to her.as she was my teacher, my best friend .

I feel like that little girl again as I write this, all the times she hugged me, she kissed me,
she was there in the midnight hour when I needed her
in 1966 I know that GOD answered the prayers
of my praying mother as I lay so sick and just days
from death as the doctors told my mother
Her faith was strong
I pray that I can be as CHRIST like
as she walked in  her journey though life

Her strength and wisdom guides me,  her kindness and grace warms me. I have never met another person like her, and know in my heart that I never will - she's one of a kind. I can only wish to have the light that she gave . I'm proud to be her daughter and could not have asked for more in a Mother.

To you Mother ~~ who gave me the best present ever , the gift of life, I will never forget all of the unconditional LOVE you have given me , all the good times you and I shared .The times that you were my shield, my comfort and my friend.You already know that I LOVE YOU with all of my heart, Thank you for always giving me big hugs and lots of kisses. I will never forget you, because the day you left me, you took a big piece of my heart with you. Until we see each other again, I will keep the memories, all the kisses, and all of the warm hugs in my heart for ever. Love you always and forever, your baby Glenna K.

Lord I thank you for the mother you loaned to me ...............


Saturday, May 12, 2012

My new Ride

I just had to share this cute
picture of the junk mail
isn't it the cutest
most unique car
as the mail box
attached to the
think I may have to get me
one of these
junk mail

Enjoying the scenery  today !!!

Come Sit A Spell

                                                              My porch was a mess
                                                          winter had to come off of it
                                                      this day I was cleaning , preparing
                                                      for those mornings, evenings or just the
                                                      anytime  porch sitting

Now that I have it all clean and fresh
my porch is saying come sit a spell
enjoy those mornings
that you have longed
for all winter

oh yes, that's my lady dog
you will find she loves the porch too

May you enjoy each sunrise and sunset from your
neck of the woods

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reflections of Aunt Arelene

Reflections on the life of My Aunt Arlene
Arlene was my aunt, but she was more than that. She was my friend. All of us, who knew Arlene, knew that she was born with Down's Syndrome. Even though this is considered a severe form of mental retardation, Arlene found her niche in life just a much as anyone of the family. She was special from my earliest memories and a special blessing to our family.
As a child, she was my playmate. We played dolls, house, and colored in coloring books as all children do, As I grew up, I watched her continue to do the things we did as children, but there was something else that was special. She did many things for family members to help them and she did them joyfully. She made the beds just as soon as anyone got up. She washed the dishes by hand. She got you a cold drink of water when you were thirsty. She took your coat when you entered the house and she got it for you when you were ready to leave. She kept her bedroom and closet just as neat as any housekeeper in a magnificent mansion. (I always wished my closet was as neat as hers.) These were jobs she considered to be hers and she enjoyed
doing them. No one ever heard her complain. In fact, you might hear her complain if someone else did her job. The Bible teaches us to serve others and Arlene did that well. It also says the Lord loves a cheerful giver and Arlene certainly gave cheerfully to all of her family.
She loved collecting pictures, showing them to you when you came to visit, and telling you who each of them were. Her memory for all of the faces was remarkable. Also, You had better make sure you spoke to her and visited with her a while, or your picture just might DISAPPEAR! She liked to cut paper, too!
She loved to argue with anyone of us and as any of her nieces or nephews will tell you, she could hold her own with any one of us. Her speech might not have been perfect, but she could definitely get her point across to us!
She went camping with Aunt Pauline and Uncle Roy (who were her caregivers for many years), and thoroughly enjoyed being outside in God's beautiful world. Going to church and listening to the beautiful songs about the Lord was a special experience that she always wanted to do. She especially liked hearing Aunt Elsie and the Branham Brothers sing. (Aunt Elsie
also cared for her for many years). She called Friendship Church, her church.
Thinking back over her life, one can see she only needed the necessities and her family to make her happy. She always hugged us when we came to visit, and hugged us when we got ready to leave. She loved us unconditionally and we loved her in return. She continued to be a child in some ways, but she was so, so much more!
The average life span for a Down's Syndrome person is 42 years. Arlene was blessed with 68 years and 11months. Perhaps her life was longer to show others that all of us should live with the unconditional love and acceptance that she had. She didn't need material possessions to make her life full and happy. She loved God, she loved her family, and others and that's the way God wants all of us to live. There are many, many adults who never achieve what she did in her life.
Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote a poem called "What is Success?" Part of the poem said, "To laugh often and much, To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of a child; To appreciate beauty..." These were accomplishments of Arlene. She was respected by all who knew her. Her life was a successful one even though there were many obstacles in her way.
There's a Bible verse that says, "Suffer the little children to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven. "Arlene was one of God's special children all of her life. We were wonderfully blessed that God put her in our lives. We can now rest assured that she has taken her rightful place in Heaven.
She will be missed by all who knew her.

This was wrote by my sister Gaye

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

That first cup of coffee

Each morning
my husband wakes me
after he sits my coffee down
with a hug
oh how I enjoy this first cup of coffee at
my bedside
I told him the other day
his coffee that he brings to me each
morning taste so
his reply was
"its because its brought
with lots of love "
I love how he loves me
he thinks of me before
he thinks of himself
always bringing my coffee
before he gets his

Hugs and Coffee first thing of the morning
just don't get any better

Hope you enjoy your first cup

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Multitudes on Mondays Week 104 Apriil 30- May 6 2012


              Giving Thanks to GOD this week for ..........

5411   Monday ~~For this day !!!
5412   For getting off early
5413   For my husband taking me out for dinner
5414   For the flowers I purchased
5415   For my evening devotional on this day there was a question when you think about heaven what picture comes to mind ?  I asked my husband this after I did my answer and He blessed me with the words he used to describe his picture, I am so thankful that GOD used him to bless me

5416   Tuesday ~~For this day !!
5417   We got to sit outside and watch the sunrise and enjoy the early morning what our coffee
and Champion and Lady
5418   That I got to mow grass , as its my time with GOD and I can sing loud and just GOD can hear me  

5419   Wednesday ~~for this day!!
5420   For porch sitting watching the sun come up this morning
5421   Bought more flowers :>) and got them planted
5422   My evening devotional

5423   Thursday ~~For this day !!
5424   Another morning on the porch another sunrise to see, another morning to watch the birds
another morning to see the beauties that GOD allows us to see and have

5425   For a evening to work in the yard enjoying again GODs creation, its my time to pray and praise
GOD ~~Love this time
5426   For my neighbor compliments on my yard and telling me to get a cutting off her rose
5427   For getting must of my yard mulched
5428   For  the simple life and loving the simple things , porch sitting, bird watching , flower planting
dirt digging, mowing, weed eating,
5429    For laughs over my home made soap = laughter is good ..........

5430    Friday~~For this day !!!  and all the blessings from sun up to sundown
how blessed I am

5431   Saturday ~~For this day !!!
5432   For sleeping in and having the day off
5433   For Coffee on the porch and to sit longer and enjoy it
5434   For having the energy to clean and prep for painting
5435   For my husband taking me to lunch-dinner combo
5436   For time at the park to enjoy this evening

5437   Sunday ~~For this day !!!
5438   For our church service this morning and the preachers words on the Holy Spirit and
how we are to Witness .....
5439    For the songs that give praise to our Saviour !!
5440    For my sister and I going to the park with our food to enjoy the scenery

Thanks be to GOD for the many, many blessings this week and I give him all PRAISE
for everything how blessed to have him call me his child ............................

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A great Read

                                               Hurricanes in Paradise    By: Denise Hildreth

Our Ladies bible study group selects a book each year to read during the months of June and July
as we don't meet during these months .  Then in August we get together at a ladies house
to talk about the book , share some enjoyable time together picking out the studies we will do for
the fall, winter and spring sessions and then we eat some of the most yummy food ever those
ladies can cook , as for me I am a stop by the deli on the way from work to pick something up

Back to the book I have read it and it is a book I really enjoyed
I wont go into to detail as some of you may want to read it
If so hope you enjoy the read also

Happy Reading


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

new life

                   This spring I searched and searched for a birds nest that had blue eggs in it
got everything I needed to have this wreath put together
but the blue eggs
I settled for a beige with specs
after a few weeks
we were on the porch
my husband says
you are going to have to take the nest in  the
birds are trying to sit on the nest :) or
destroy it one
I agreed I would take it down
and get another one
I had almost made it in the garage
looked down at the wreath and
see the nest on top with
none other than four blue eggs
I just couldn't let them die
I told my husband we just had to hang it
back up
I thought of how I wanted the blue eggs
for the front
GOD allowed me the real eggs to
watch over 

                             The picture below shows the cute little birdies hatched out
                                                                  New life 
                                                   those little tiny mouths all open
                                         I have watched from inside how their mother
                                                        feeds them each evening
                                                      they sing at such a young age

I am happy that I got to see the four blue eggs
and the new life they have brought

Sing on little birdies as you will fly away soon
thanks for allowing my wreath to be
your nesting place

One of my favorite places

As you can see by this one picture its a beautiful place to be in the spring time
this is just a small part of the flowers
I wish I would have taken more pictures
at this nursery there are about
twenty green houses
I didn't get  much this day
It was almost their closing time

as I got back in the truck my husband
said I love to watch you look at
all the flowers I can see the enjoyment you
get as you are walking around looking

who but GOD could make those seeds become
so beautiful

a few of my plants I have brought home from
my enjoyment

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you

Multitudes on Mondays Week 103 April 23-29 2012


              Giving Thanks to GOD this week for ..........

5378   Monday ~~For this day !!!
5379   Doing  some laundry before Work
5380   Bedside coffee brought to me by my Love , I am so thankful that he is a
Morning person as I am a dead head of the morning but the coffee sure helps me
5381   That we were busy at work helping to meet our quota
5382   That my husband had three loads of laundry folded for me when I got home
5383   Reading some of the Multitudes that were posted today
5384   For Faith ..............................That I cling to the unseen hand .....and feel his presence
knowing that he with me each step I take ...................

5385    Tuesday ~~For this day !!!
5386    Thankful that my plants made it ok or so they appear to have made it no frost
5387    That I got to meet the Mayfield ice cream man , as he and his wife came into our business
5388    That GOD is so good to me 
5389    Thankful to know that I am on a ship that will not sink, thankful that I know the master of the wind , the maker of the rain and he knows my name ..
5390    Thankful for evening devotionals and prayer time not only of the evening that I can pray many times though out the day 

5391   Wednesday ~~~For this day !!!
5392   That my husband thinks of me before himself
5393    That LC grilled out for us at work
5394    That I got to witness to a man that is up in years and doesn't believe and he asked me just what I believed~ GOD sure blessed me as I was telling of my belief
5395     That Mrs. Barker always tells me she loves me today was her 94th birthday
Thankful that I got to talk to her

5396   Thursday ~~For this day !!!
5397   For safety from the storms
5398   That I have this day off to do some general cleaning
5399    My evening devontional

5400     Friday !!!for this day !!!
5401     For that first cup of coffee

5402     Spring cleaning a bedroom thank you Lord that I have the strenght to do this  
5403     Talking with a lady opening a new business in town and what a sweet
spirit she has
5404     For getting some flowers planted

5405   Saturday ~~For this day !!
5406   For listening to Joyce Myers podcast

5407  Sunday ~~For this day !!
5408  For the beautiful day
5409  For Lisa driving us to our meeting
5410  Safety to Ktown and back