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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Remembered (2)

This Christmas memory would have been early 1960's
To be exact I think the year was 1962
that was the year for the doll with the red dress

I  remember asking for this gift ,
Back in my day it was Alden's
Catalogs to look through
for Christmas.

I can see me sitting looking at those big Alden's Christmas catalogs
on the couch with my mother , showing her what I wanted
I also think they were advertised on the Tv.
I received my doll  from Santa , the Chatty Cathy doll , its talked
just like me !
Chatty Cathy was the most gorgeous doll ever
she said elven different things  by pulling the string
" I love you.

Do you love me

Please brush my hair.

What can we do now

Please change my dress

Give me a kiss.

I'm so tired

Lets have a party

Please take me with you

Lets play school

May I have a cookie

I received this doll and something happened ~~~it would not talk ~~~ My mother  called the company telling them of chatty not being so Chatty as she made this call I stood right beside her in our dinning room holding on to her apron waiting to see what we could do for my new doll
Mother said we will
have to send her  back to the Toy Store to be fixed . Ok I said so sadly .
I said goodbye and Chatty we will get you fixed as we boxed her up
I think as a four year old I am sure I cried for Chatty to hurry back
The sad thing is I dont remember getting her back .

Who out there in blog land got their own Chatty Cathy ?

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