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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Christmas Remembered (1)

I stepped out of the car in my home town  last week to have my mind travel back in time,
                                                    Christmas 1974.

Standing in front of this window in 1974 I saw this beautiful white gold ,  sparkling Opal surrounded by diamonds ring .
I go  in try the ring on it was  the most beautiful ring,  I had found  what I wanted
for Christmas.
At home that evening I run in all excited as I had found what I just had to have,  telling my dad and mother that I had found what I wanted for Christmas, the Opal and Diamond ring and where it was
.Every day  walking up town I would stop and look at this Opal and Diamond
ring in the window standing there , wishing, hoping I would get this from my parents .
A few weeks before Christmas Standing looking in this window again ,the Opal and Diamond
ring I so wanted was gone. I go in and ask about  the Opal and Diamond ring that was in the window
do you still have it ? the answer came "no ,we sold the only one we had the other day "  My heart
That evening I go home upset  and tell my parents that I went by the store and the ring is gone and they
cant get another one .  I wanted this ring so bad .   My dad says "Sorry I guess someone bought it for their Christmas "  Still upset I tell them I cant believe that you would let someone else buy the ring , my dad again shrugging his shoulders as if to say sorry ......
Christmas eve opening gifts I was in shock when I opened one and there right before my eyes
I held in my hand the Opal and Diamond ring that I had so wanted , it was and still is beautiful
as you can see below in the picture .

I cherish this memory and the store window that brought it all back as though I was standing there
wanting this ring again .
Thankful for the parents that made this and many others sweet memories ..................


  1. What a wonderful memory...One to cherish.

  2. Awwww Kay K, that was such a nice story. That was a most heartfelt memory....your parents knew how badly you wanted that ring!

    Thanks for sharing and have a peaceful and blessed holiday. And wear that ring! Susan