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First let me say that I am a born again christian and try to follow what JESUS would have me do ..I fail him daily, yet he picks me up and says try again my child !!!! knowing that he is closer to me than the air I breathe !that I am just dust designed by my Redeemer!! Remember when reading my blogs they are not wrote correct but from the heart ! I need lessons in writing correctly and making these interesting. I grew up in a small town and everyone knowing my family to come to a state with my husband that I knew almost no one I will say after 23 years its still hard ...I love to go back to KY as its where most of my family are I come from a large family of 9 me being the 9th ... Some of my interest are Genealogy , Landscaping, photography , love watching HGTV and now learning to Blog Again keep in mind all my posts are from the heart.. I love to laugh love being around good old friends and family I want enjoy each day as each day is a gift from the Master Creator !! my motto is I remain 29 forever !!!!! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Journey together thus far .....................

Twenty three years ago today
I said
"I DO "
to my best friend
when I first met him
I only wanted to be his friend
 nothing more
My husband will tell you that I would
tell him over and over
I just want to be your friend
I think a good relationship starts
as friend  from friendship it grows
or so ours has
the man I said I just wanted to be friends with
we have now walked
as best friends
Husband and Wife
This first year of our marriage
I moved from my home town
where everyone knew me and my family
to a small town where no one
knew me or nothing about my family
I found this very hard
I got a day shift job my husband worked
midnights we hardly ever saw each other
not even one full day a week
I did get to watch him sleep on Saturdays and Sundays
only to spend a few minutes  with him when we got up
to get ready for another night
We have had our ups and downs
as with any marriage
Good days and bad days
Smiles, and tears

I know that our journey
is one that GOD is allowing
us to be on
to have each other through the
Good and the bad
on the journey of marriage


  1. What a wonderful blessing....These are the things that make ones heart smile!