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First let me say that I am a born again christian and try to follow what JESUS would have me do ..I fail him daily, yet he picks me up and says try again my child !!!! knowing that he is closer to me than the air I breathe !that I am just dust designed by my Redeemer!! Remember when reading my blogs they are not wrote correct but from the heart ! I need lessons in writing correctly and making these interesting. I grew up in a small town and everyone knowing my family to come to a state with my husband that I knew almost no one I will say after 23 years its still hard ...I love to go back to KY as its where most of my family are I come from a large family of 9 me being the 9th ... Some of my interest are Genealogy , Landscaping, photography , love watching HGTV and now learning to Blog Again keep in mind all my posts are from the heart.. I love to laugh love being around good old friends and family I want enjoy each day as each day is a gift from the Master Creator !! my motto is I remain 29 forever !!!!! :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Multitude on Mondays Week 148 March 11-17-2013


Trying to count the multitude of blessings is like standing on the shore trying to count each grain of sand
Giving thanks To GOD this week for .................

6359   Monday ~~For this day !!! for daylight savings, Knowing when I cant pray or read my bible due to a noisy  time ~~GOD understands and knows my heart................For some  prayer time while in the Tub , for tears that GOD you understand, Knowing that GOD will take anger away from a person I trust you LORD in this ......................................

6360   Tuesday ~~For this day !!!  for much needed coffee this morning, Brad is feeling better and trying to work today , a day without FB trying to not let "things control me " for the "I am sorry" I have heard several times today ...............for sunshine after yesterdays rain ...........Ruth's  2 hour call just when we needed to talk and cry  ...tears are good for the soul some days ..............................

6361   Wednesday ~~For this day!!! for another morning to say Thank you Lord for your blessings on me,
my early day off ! for this day of  a snow flake every now and then , for hugs, and my quiet time as I read, pray and spend time alone with just me and the Lord in his word,

6362   Thursday ~~For this day !!! That I stayed warm in the 19 degree weather !! for my prayer time
that it was quiet , That GOD cares for this little lamb and will listen to my requests, wants, etc......most of all he forgives me daily

6363   Friday ~~For this day !!! for the beauty of the sunshine, the warmer day, for more day light
so I can enjoy some yard work ... for SB's  sunset picture she sent to me below

for the picture I saw of the sunset from my area

God's beauty surrounds  us
 ....just stop..... look around you
beauty is everywhere
                               Thank you Lord for this day and all the blessing  you have given
                       May I always stop , look and listen to see and hear the beauty you allow me

                      6364    Saturday ~~For this day !!! for the beauty I saw on my way to work
                                   Thankful for the sunshine and the Son-shine

                                For Lisa's kindness is fixing hamburgers for our lunch today , for walking
                                 a few minutes after lunch thanking GOD for this beautiful day that he has given,
                                For my husband I getting subways sandwich's and going to the park for our
                                dinner, For Jim and Karen's call ,

6365    Sunday ~~For this day !!! for morning worship , our pastors message on Jesus paying the price,
for communion , for kind words of others,

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