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Sunday, March 17, 2013

1966 Hospital Stay With Remaining Questions ???

I can remember this  hospital so vivid

 1966 so many days I stayed here
at the above hospital my room
was on the second floor second window
 (thanks to WP for the above pictures )
I stayed
almost a month the first time as I was near death
from what the doctors told my parents .
I needed surgery but was to weak to have it when I was brought there
another Dr had been giving  me antibiotic's  for something I didn't have

they had  to give fluids to the little girl that was so weak
I remember so so much about  my many days of staying here
from waking up after the surgery  wanting something to drink and couldn't have it
my sweet dad would give me ice chips when I asked 
even giving his baby more than he was suppose to .
The doctor told my mother and dad that the antibiotic had
been given kept the infection in a pocket that three more
days I would have died as the pocket of infection was
ready to burst

                                               The visits from my Pastor  and others
the pillowcase of cards that was send to me I can see myself
looking in to the the pillow case getting those cards out
the doctors and what they would say to be each morning
how Dr Bob would rip that big bandage off and it hurt so bad
as they had to check the drain tubes in my side each day
the kind nurse Berenice that would allow me to take my time each morning
and pull that big bandage off from one side to the other side of my stomach
(If she came in before Dr Bob got there) 
to walking down the hall each day and siting  those black leather seats with
chrome arms in the waiting area watching
the Meadow Gold Milk truck load the milk on a converbelt
to having beef bouillon cubes for my meals for many many days
I could go on and on about those days
as my memory is so vivid  on this .....

there is just one thing that I would love to see a picture of the old
hospital operating room
I recall this and want to make sure that I did see this or it did happen

I remember my dad carrying me from my room  into the operating room
standing by my side until they put me to sleep
then while I am asleep
this is my vivid memory
I float up up above the operating table its as though I fly around that room
I can see the table below and everything is all white in this operating room
during this floating around I can see a window its up high in this operating
room , its not a  Hugh window its just high up in the room
after flying around I twice  its like my body zooms back down to the operating table

I hope to find someone with more pictures that maybe
 able  to answer the questions with I have did I truly float around
or was it a dream while I was asleep
If I could just see a picture of the operating room I
would know for sure .........................

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  1. An out of body experience has been experienced by so many people that all say the same thing. I saw a programme on TV about it once. I would say it would be an experience I would like to forget if it happened to me. I hope you find peace of mind eventually. :)