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First let me say that I am a born again christian and try to follow what JESUS would have me do ..I fail him daily, yet he picks me up and says try again my child !!!! knowing that he is closer to me than the air I breathe !that I am just dust designed by my Redeemer!! Remember when reading my blogs they are not wrote correct but from the heart ! I need lessons in writing correctly and making these interesting. I grew up in a small town and everyone knowing my family to come to a state with my husband that I knew almost no one I will say after 23 years its still hard ...I love to go back to KY as its where most of my family are I come from a large family of 9 me being the 9th ... Some of my interest are Genealogy , Landscaping, photography , love watching HGTV and now learning to Blog Again keep in mind all my posts are from the heart.. I love to laugh love being around good old friends and family I want enjoy each day as each day is a gift from the Master Creator !! my motto is I remain 29 forever !!!!! :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Multitude on Mondays Week 82 Dec 19-25 2011


              Giving Thanks to GOD this week for ..............

4499    Monday ~~For this day !!!
4500     Getting in and out of the Drs office before work
4501     I PRAISE GOD for the news that FP gave us at lunch ~~THANK YOU LORD for you blessings on me

4592    Tuesday ~~For this day !! my first gift each day from GOD !!
4993    For my fever that broke in the early am this morning
4994    For Medication and Kleenex
4995    For getting to stay home for some much needed rest
4996     Getting to watch channel 10 all day ~~love that channel

4997    Wednesday ~~For this day !!!
4998     Bedside coffee
4999     Thankful that I made it Thur the day at work

5000     Thursday ~~~For this day !!! and the five thousand others that I have had since I have started the multitudes ........Lord you are so wonderful to me !!!
5001    Thankful that my nose don't look like Rudolph today
5002    For my brother  and his kindness sending me something to go shopping for someone else and that I got it finished before the rain started ~~Thank you LORD
5003     Thankful that my husband made potato soup for me again

5004    Friday ~~For this day !!!
5005    Finally getting Aunt J package mailed off
5006    Picking up some boxes for Margaret to wrap the items Santa got
5007    Aunt J's excitement over a Christmas card she treasures all things

5008    Saturday ~~For this day !!! CHRISTMAS EVE ~~
5009    For the warm sunny day thank you LORD
5010    Thankful for the shirt I am wearing today W O G G L E
5011     For the beautiful CHRISTmas eve candle light service and Communion and for the little girl that sang away in a manger so sweet

5012    For neighbors stopping by with their sweet little baby girl  and their kindness , my heart broke for this young man as he told me he had lost his mother on Christmas day a few years ago

5013   Sunday ~~For this day !!! CHRSITmas the day that LOVE , True love came
down to us as the CHRIST child
5014    For Early Morning church and the beautiful singing
5015    Thankful that prayers are being answered  for Baby Parker he is off the O2
5016    Thankful for my husbands mother coming to visit us today
5017     Talking with Family that live away Communications are wonderful to keep us connected
even though miles apart

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  1. Glenna, a lot of joy in this post – it made me smile. My favorite thank you's have to be the funny one – right next to the serious one. The one about your shirt – whatever woggle is, I know it makes you happy – and that makes me happy. And the next one – the candlelight service – and the girl singing sweet song for Christmas – that's the way, Christmas should be – happy – reverent – peaceful – love. God bless you Glenna.