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First let me say that I am a born again christian and try to follow what JESUS would have me do ..I fail him daily, yet he picks me up and says try again my child !!!! knowing that he is closer to me than the air I breathe !that I am just dust designed by my Redeemer!! Remember when reading my blogs they are not wrote correct but from the heart ! I need lessons in writing correctly and making these interesting. I grew up in a small town and everyone knowing my family to come to a state with my husband that I knew almost no one I will say after 23 years its still hard ...I love to go back to KY as its where most of my family are I come from a large family of 9 me being the 9th ... Some of my interest are Genealogy , Landscaping, photography , love watching HGTV and now learning to Blog Again keep in mind all my posts are from the heart.. I love to laugh love being around good old friends and family I want enjoy each day as each day is a gift from the Master Creator !! my motto is I remain 29 forever !!!!! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scripture and a Snapshot Sunday

Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

Luke 12 :27


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This picture was taken with my Blackberry phone so the quality will not be as good as I would have liked but I love the scripture.
GOD cares so much for each of us if we would just stop and look around us
At this time of year we need to focus on JESUS not the rush we fell at time or the big pricey items
it the simple things that we will find the biggest blessings in


  1. That's so true - it is the simple things in life that give us the most blessings. I really like your little hummer photo in your right side bar :)

  2. That is such a lovely verse and day-lily. I think they went beautiful together. Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. What a beautiful picture & wonderful way to illustrate this verse.

  4. This is both a beautiful verse and photo! And such a powerful message, too!

  5. I love the color of this lily. Beautiful!
    PS...I have a Sabbath Giveaway on my blog!

  6. That day lily is beautiful. Yes, I agree -- the simple things bring joy.

  7. It's a beautiful picture and the verse is just perfect!

  8. I love that photo...and such a fitting verse!

  9. Such pretty colors! And the perfect verse to go with them.

    Thank you for stopping by. =)