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Friday, October 15, 2010

Journey of Faith Friday ~~~Answered Prayers

Amber's topic this week is answered prayers.

I have wanted to jump on board every week so here I am to PRAISE GOD for answered prayers in my life !

Where do you begin to list the many days of prayers that were answered Thur the years .
The many years of protection and one comes to my mind that I know I had to have had a hedge of Protection around me as I lay on the floor as the bank I was working in was robbed As I lay there on the floor with the guns drawn and one of the robbers knocking the camera off the wall. How GOD must have just wrapped us in his arms of protection . (Thank you GOD for your protecting arms)
Psalms 91:11
For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

In Jan of this year two  of my nephews were in a horrible car wreck both thrown from the car and one in to water and one on the road
Aaron was the one thrown into the water and when the EMT's got to him he had drown no heartbeat, nothing they did get his heart started back and he was put on the Vent., the local hospital was not equipped for so much truma he had to be shipped out now its a night when no flights due to weather so he had to go by ambulance. Upon arrival he had no brain activity and the Dr came out and told the family that what you saw of Aaron was all he would be his neck was broke,  a broken back , brain bleeds by this time we had many people praying .
A few hours later the Dr.  comes out and said "I don't know what has happened but he has done a complete turn around he has brain activity and his responding to stimulation !!! My sister told the Dr " I Know what has happened GOD has moved for Aaron."
The Dr told Aaron before he left the hospital" that by all numbers he should not be here and that GOD has a plan for you Aaron and you need to be finding out what it is".
Kenneth had head injuries and had to be shipped as well . Kenneth had his neck broke in 5 places and a brain bleed . with that many broken places in his neck most would be paralyzed . The Dr said that he should have been paralyzed ~~~~Again GOD moved .
both boys came home in just a couple weeks and continue to do well, both are now back to work !!
PRAISE  GOD for answered prayers !!

This is not  only answered prayers but a Miracle !!

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Praising GOD for prayers answered


  1. Thank you Glenna!!!! I am so glad you joined in and what a testimony!!!

    Praise the LORD!! And yes that is a miracle

  2. AMEN Aaron's story still gives me cold chills...God gave him a miracle!