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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Simple Pleausre Party 9 15 2011

Tuesday I had the privilege to take my husbands aunt who is eighty plus  years young, to see her brother
who is very ill in the hospital . 
After a hour of  driving  to her home Auntie comes out with several bags one for me that had the something wrapped in plastic bags I told her that I would open this when I got home since  she told me it was breakable
I get home  unwrap it , a beautiful vase that she had in her home for sometime and wanted me to have it
Auntie and I love colors of purple, its our favorite color~~ purple!~~ which  goes so well in my living room as I have sage and purples.

This morning my husband says I know how you can use the vase, " use those colored glass stones
with a candle like you did  with the mason jar " so I thought that would be a neat idea

 I have a question for all the ones that view this which candle do you think is best the small one or the bigger one?
Auntie is such a sweetie and what a perfect way to use the vase as she shines her light for others
in her giving so will her vase now shine  when lite I will always think of our day
together we had a nice visit before getting the hospital  , even though the day had tears it was a "day of memories for her " she said .Auntie lives alone and has never married and has only us a hour away  I sure pray when I am her age that I can see the  days as she does and appreciates all things so much
If its just a card it makes her day.

My simple Pleasure is a cherished vase from a sweet aunt

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Project Simple Pleasures2

                                           May your day be filled with sunshine and the SON-shine
                                                                             Blessings to all




  1. What a neat memento! I like it best with the small candle in the vase.

    Definitely a simple pleasure!

  2. it's great to have someone like that in your world....it's a beautiful vase. I'm with Jerralea...I say the small one too.

  3. Hi,
    What a sweet Aunt to give you a treasure like this vase. I like the larger candle as it gives such a lovely light above the vase.


  4. The vase is lovely. So is the love and giving that it represents. I like the smaller candle. Mave

  5. A gift given from a loved one is precious beyond words. Personally, I like both candles, for different times. The larger one for a party or get together when more light is needed and then the smaller one for more quiet times. I like how the candle reminds you of your Aunt as her life "shined for others". Beautiful.
    PS my favorite color is all shaded of purple/lavender.

  6. What a wonderful gift for you from your dear aunt!
    It is really lovely..and I think the small candle looks so gentle flickering away inside it!!
    God bless you..Trish

  7. I love being an aunt. What a special keepsake. It's beautiful! I like the smaller candle, personally, but they're both lovely.

  8. thank you for visiting my simple pleasures post. btw, im your latest follower.

    i love the header of your blog.
    this post is sad but inspiring at the same time. thank you for sharing.